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  1. Thanks SDman I replaced the poppet and orifice and it's been up for 8 hours and hasn't moved so that must have been it thanks for the help
  2. I took the office and poppet apart there is a grove on the poppet so I think that is my problem so I will order them thanks
  3. I have a 91 1660 combine electric over hydraulic my head settled a little bit last fall now it is settling rather fast where is the first place to start thank you
  4. Hi guys I have a 1989 7130 Case IH with 2 speed reverse I'm having issues hydraulically I think I parked it everything works perfect two weeks later I went to move it and it would not move after playing with the levers a while I got to move I will check the transmission pressures and they are within range but if you hold the hydraulic lever ahead so it's like deadheading everything works fine but when you first start the tractor it takes 30 seconds or so for the hydraulics lever to do anything make any sound I'm thinking maybe a check valve didn't know if there was any good advice out there case I h guy seemed kind of stumped thanks for any info
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