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  1. Update on International #10 Drill Hydraulic Lift I purchased the #10 drill from my neighbour - After having a good look at the dual rope lift mechanism I decided to modify it to make it hydraulic lift. I have attached some pictures of the finished product. Used the following parts as is - both of the linkage pieces that clamp to the square shaft along with the flat bars that push them and the adjusters that apply tension to the openers in the down position. Modified the following parts - two of the angle frames and bushings that the original chain lift sprockets ran in - modifi
  2. Thanks Ace - I found a couple of pics of a #10 drill with the factory hydraulic lift on the internet - see attached - also found the parts diagram on Messicks Case IH dealer website. Looks like it would not be a big problem to build the parts if I had some of the major dimensions and a little more info. Good Winter project. It would be great if anyone with the factory hydraulic lift on a #10 drill could provide the info below. Part 1 & 2 are called a lift rod and locking pin - Is that a bar and pin to lock the drill in the raised position ? Part 4 is called a mounting frame
  3. Thanks fo the offer "aecm" - I would certainly buy you dinner for the hydraulic lift parts but I am near Niagara Falls so Arkansas is a bit of a drive. Are the parts large or something that could be shipped at a reasonable cost ? If you had a chance to take some pics and send me that would be great.
  4. thanks for the suggestion to convert to 3 pt hitch however the property I have is hilly with several curving grass swale ditches through it so I plant a lot of the land following the curves of the swale ditches. I dont think the 3 t setup will work well for me. I haven't looked closely at the drill yet but I am hoping there is some relatively simple way for a hydraulic cylinder to pull the same linkage as the mechanical lift system with some modification.
  5. thanks for the feedback and suggestions and "bauerj" advice on proper shimming. I shimmed all the toggles mechanisms so the bar was flush with the hole - plowed a couple of acres yesterday and worked great - only tripped one bottom once and that was when I was when I hit a tree root from a tree on the fence line.
  6. I am looking for a drill with a grass box to seed a few acres of with hay seed in the spring. My neighbour has an International #10 drill that I can get for minimal cost. It has been stored inside and in very good condition. It is manual lift by pulling ropes to trip the lift mechanism - one each for left and right half of the drill. See attached picture. The manual lift wont work very well with my newer tractor with full cab. Has anyone ever converted a #10 drill to hydraulic lift ?I am pretty handy with welding and have a lathe if I need to make any small parts but would be interested in hea
  7. I just purchased a 720 Case IH 4 furrow semi-mount plow at and auction sale - picture attached. All the shares and wear parts on the bottoms have been replace recently. It has the toggle trip mechanism. I tried to use it for the first time today and the 2 rear bottoms trip as soon as they start to cut in to the ground with virtually no load on them. I have a copy if the manual and it only shows the spring loaded trip mechanism and no info on the toggle trip or how to adjust. Each of the toggle mechanisms have two large bolts that hold a stack of 4 shim plates that the toggle beam rests on
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