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  1. I have the clutch set according to the manual
  2. I have a 2004 Case IH dx55 that worked fine when I parked it on the auger and works fine with using the hydraulic shift lever but when you use the clutch there is no feathering anymore jerks really hard is there a valve or an orifice inside the inching valve or the electrica
  3. Heard from the dealer today there were quite a few fiber discs that came off in the clutch packs going to have them check the transmission control valve to thanks for the help
  4. Yeah it's not the clutch cable it has full movement and returns all the way seems to be adjusted right there was clutch particles in the oil it's going to the dealer tomorrow
  5. Thanks SDman is there anything else should be done when you put in the speed transmission should we replace check valves in tcv it looks like that has to come off and I know they're cheap when we did the range transmission I was overlooked and helped the guy a little everything looked like new except the clutch plates and fell off I'm guessing that's what happened again with what I seen in there thanks
  6. Yes I really like the tractor and I will fix it the guy that fixed it last time told me everything look good didn't think I needed to fix the speed transmission he fix the range
  7. Check the suction screen it did have some stuff on it and there is a few little pieces of clutch disc did have clutches replaced in transmission 300 hours ago or less I believe in the speed transmission but acting totally different than it is now so I don't know if them pieces of clutch material I found now could have been somewhere in the transmission when they rebuilt it everything looked extremely clean inside there but I know the pressure light comes on stays on in gears 3-4-8-9-15-16 not too sure I want to ask the dealer how much this is going to cost or even if it's worth it does anybody
  8. I have changed the filters I have not checked the suction screen yet oil is not very old power steering works within 2 seconds of starting transmission pressure light does come on when it does this when you put it in gear thanks
  9. They they don't really know either we checked the pressure with the gauges on the transmission at first they told me they figured the transmission was out but everything's pressures are good and when you use the hydraulic lever everything works fine it's almost got to be a check valve but I'd like to know how to test if anybody knows thank you
  10. The transmission pressures seem to cast within range someone said I should ask dirt boyz I'm new to this still trying to figure it out thanks
  11. Prayers to you and your family.
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