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  1. Having trouble with rebuilt engine getting right timing/ tried 10 degrees but smokes, starts slow Need help with correct setting. Engine is D155 3cylinder
  2. Power from input shaft does not even affect any gears in tranny. the brakes are backed way off and will run that way to adjust the clutch first. but going to check and make sure tranny has not slipped into reverse as that 'allows no movement cause reverser does that action and not the tranny. hopefully don't have to pull engine and then the reverser to go through that finding a simple seal or o ring not working. thank you and will keep checking it out.
  3. the 500 E drove near garage this spring for steering clutch brake work. when finished with that the dozer would not go forward or reverse. So opened up the 3 speed tranny top and watched th/4 input shaft moving only a 1/4 inch in either direction. so put gauges on the auto reverser and found near 80 pounds pressure when in forward and reverse mode. Next opened up both filters and looked for contaminants and they were clean having 35 only 25 hours on them. next step I am asking for your help. thank you for your consideration.
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