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  1. I consider my two stroke oil to be an end of life treatment. Rebuilding the motor wouldn’t change the value of scrap iron. Symptoms in my grain truck came right back with a fresh tank of straight gas. My theory is that a certain amount of oil is going to make it past the rings or fill the scuffs and scratches in the cylinder walls, so it might as well come from the top down. 2 stroke oil will cause fouling, but not as fast as engine oil. A snowmobile can run several hundred gallons of mix before the plugs are bad, and that is with 4 times less cylinders. It has worked for me in the past, but may not do anything in this H situation
  2. Seems to bring back compression and seal up worn rings. Any extra lube there can’t hurt. It is oil that is meant to be burned, so it doesn’t cause smoke. My personal experience ( besides a couple lawnmowers) was a late 70s Loadstar grain truck with a well used 446 in it. It always had trouble starting and would pull oil when low gearing down the hill to the elevator. It would smoke so bad you couldn’t see past the back of the truck. After the two stroke oil, it would start, the smoke on the hill was gone, and 3rd gear would actually hold the truck back without riding the brake.
  3. In my experience, a little outboard 2 stroke oil does wonders for getting by with worn rings. Pour in a quart for every 20 or 30 gallons. I don’t know if there could be any negative consequences, but what is there to lose.
  4. I would never do pvc. All the other options will just rupture vs. shatter
  5. I can see the point of not using anything plastic based when heat and molten metal are involved. What I like about the pex is adding a drop anywhere anytime only takes a few minutes with a couple tools. I know working pressure is around 160psi, but have been told that burst is over 400. That beats any of the hoses we have attached.
  6. Anybody here use just the normal PEX? I have been running some lines at work. Using the 10 ft sticks instead of the rolls it looks pretty nice. All of the fittings and pinch clamps are available at any home improvement store. I am just wondering if there are some drawbacks I am not considering...
  7. Just wondering...why does the dash color matter?
  8. I will try to check tomorrow, but I am pretty sure that left lever is the same on our 706. It has a single set of remotes controlled on the left. Is it possible you have 3 valves?
  9. You probably don’t need my similar story, but here it is... We were renting an ugly 986 from the local dealer. It was very low houred but had sat quite a bit. After renting it for 15 years or so we bought it. The tach read just over 2800 hrs. It always was doggy, and we would drive 2 miles out of the way just to avoid a couple hills on the road. Never complained because we might only put 50 hours on in a year....didn’t want them to just take it back instead of fixing it. After we bought it, I cut the seal wire off the top and gave the fuel screw just under a turn. It became a whole new tractor. Still doesn’t smoke more than a wisp, but can climb hills and won’t kill letting out the clutch. I don’t know if that slight adjustment unstuck something, or got some plunger device past a bad/worn spot. Try the fuel screw if you haven’t, it made me look like the Mother Teresa of tractors to the rest of the guys on the farm. It won’t cost anything to try and won’t do anything if the pump is bad.
  10. Thanks for posting!!! I was starting to think I was the only person who doesn’t drill a small bolt. On larger stuff like combine duals or dozer track pins I will blow out the center with a torch. That seems to shrink things a lot. Most people must have more time or better drill bits than me. If the bolt was cross threaded, a helicoil is probably still necessary, but tapping the old hole is better for me than one I wollered out crooked with a drill.
  11. I have good luck using the wire welder. Set it fairly hot, center the wire and pull the trigger for a couple seconds. When that blob hardens ( 10 or 15 seconds) add another one. Repeat until your sculpture sticks out 3/8 of an inch or so. Most people will weld a nut on, but I prefer a random bolt. Butt the threaded end up to your creation and weld it together from all sides. Within the last week, I have done this on exhaust bolts in aluminum heads, 2 Duramax glow plugs, and a couple brake bleeders.
  12. Trying to do some beans when we get a clear day
  13. We had a 666 with a water problem. Turned out to be the dipstick tube was cross threaded or crooked/ cracked. I can’t remember exactly, but another place to check
  14. What scrap yard? I would have given $150 for each hub and still thought it was a good deal...
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