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  1. Looks like he thought it was going to go straight through the wall!
  2. My home town in Massachusetts has an area set aside at the transfer station that they call the “Put-n-Take”. Basically a free yard sale. Mom and Dad brought things home constantly. Sometimes something promising would make it into the scrap metal trailer and Dad would have to fish it out with his tow strap. Many a discarded lawnmower went home, got tuned up and sold within a week in front of the house. Great memories!
  3. Pretty awesome @Art From Coleman! Thank you for posting.
  4. When I run a push plate type splitter like that I only push the log far enough to set the next piece in place and then back up the ram. No need to push each piece all the way through, just enough to get the next piece in. Nice setup @vtfireman85
  5. 79 Ford Bronco in forest green for me. Always loved that late 70’s body style.
  6. Looks like a good starting spot @jimw. I don’t think I’ve seen a blade like that before. What are your plans for her?
  7. Love the old Mack @bitty!
  8. Matt at Diesel Creek made a bunch of steel lines for his “Christine” grader project. He makes it look pretty easy…
  9. Interesting question @Dave Downs Not sure how long the residual would last, but I’ve heard horror stories of people salting dirt driveways during the winter and that taking the frost out making a sloppy mess.
  10. For “Fire Prevention Night” one of our local fire companies does a demonstration burn. They build a simple plywood “house” (think large shed) and light it off. With music blaring a couple of engines come in at speed with full lights and sirens going and the crew gets about putting the fire out. One year they used their 1950’s B Model Mack Pumper and a neighboring department’s antique Autocar to deliver the crew. Very memorable. Have fun with it @KWRB!
  11. A friend had one of those loaders back in the late 70’s early 80’s. Always loved the detail. Couldn’t load as quick as the big Tonka loaders but was good for utility work in the sandbox subdivisions that we built.
  12. DavCut

    Shed moving

    Looking good @bitty ! Appears that you are well on your way to filling it already!
  13. Welcome to Red Power @AKgold I hope that your machine checked out okay. If you’re up for it I’m sure others like myself would enjoy seeing some photos of your operation. I’d predict that an introduction type post over in the general chat section would get some comments. Hope that you are having a safe and prosperous season. Dave
  14. Officers must have really scratched their heads when that went by. 😎
  15. How about some photos @Tanker916? Would love to see some so that I can live vicariously though your project. 🙂
  16. Might be worth calling a local well driller @Lazy WP . No idea how much they charge, but I’m sure they could provide a flow test of some sort without you having to make a big investment. Seems as if I remember @mader656 Having some experience with wells, pumps and such. Perhaps he will chime in on this. Dave
  17. You have to call ahead to schedule your test drive so that they have time to pull the tire off another truck for you.
  18. It’s when things like this happen that you scratch your head on if you have enough/the right insurance.
  19. Great photos and commentary @Tonyinca! Thank you for taking us along on your journey. So, the question now is what did you see that has you inspired for your next restoration project? Safe travels home. Looking forward to more great photos of the ride.
  20. Looks like the seller had accumulated a little bit of everything through the years!
  21. I’m with @nc1112 on this one. You’ve paid for the Hilti product, get the advice from them. You may want to consider reaching out to the lift manufacturer. I’m sure this won’t be the first time (or last time) either company has heard of this issue.
  22. One of 5 known to exist of 500 built. https://wgntv.com/news/antique-1913-tractor-sets-records-at-illinois-auction/amp/
  23. I think someone may have already suggested this, but would it be an option to build a high bay shed somewhere else on your property? Perhaps on the other side of the shop or store room? It’s always fun to spend other people’s $ in theses responses. Getting back to your original question a local concrete cutting company could cut 8 to 12 inches down from the top on both sides to give you a clean edge. The middle could then come out with a jackhammer. You would need to look at the grades outside the door too to ensure you don’t end up with a puddle every time it rains. I’d also suggest doing this at one end or the other of the shed rather than the middle door so you don’t have to walk through the dip all the time. Keep in mind that you would probably want to place a new concrete apron at the lower grade and then add to the bottom of the door to fill the gap.
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