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  1. A couple of gallons of paint on the tracks and she would look like she was fresh from the factory.
  2. I was thinking the same thing @vtfireman85. Appears to be setup to attach something to it. What’s the history on the rig @bcsmta?
  3. How do you like the Tweels @Paystar5000? I’ve been thinking for a while that a tall set with a snow tire tread on them could be a good setup for snow work.
  4. I had one like that when I was a kid in the sandbox. Buddy had a Ford 555 that the front end was crushed. I had my Dad pull the smaller hoe off of my Ertle International loader/backhoe and mounted the Ford hoe on the back. Worked like a charm with the exception of the pin falling out from time to time since it didn’t have a cap nut…. Dug miles of pipe trench with that rig back in the day, or at least scale miles 🙂
  5. I’m a couple of weeks late on the top roller subject but I seem to remember that KoO @King of Obsolete runs with a wooden block in place of top rollers on his winter freighting cats. Not sure how it would hold up in the dirt but it might keep you moving. Might not be much different than a flat roller.
  6. I know I’m a week late on the post lift subject Tony, but please be careful moving it with anything heavier than what it’s designed for. I would hate to see a “Red Kid Down” post if something failed. Looking forward to seeing photos of the baler in the field! Dave
  7. Did you write it into the sales agreement that Matt has to join the site and post regular updates for all of your followers Chris? Glad to hear that it is going to a good home. You will just have to find another piece restore and post about... Dave
  8. Merry Christmas Chris (and everyone else)! While I don’t post often, I appreciate reading everyone’s posts and seeing the friendly support that everyone provides to each other. The world needs more of that! Stay safe and best wishes for 2021! Dave
  9. Have there been any cases at the end of the world Joey? I know it’s a long way to a hospital, but seems if they controlled who’s coming in the rest of you would be okay going about your daily lives. Enjoying your daily posts as always. Dave
  10. Welcome Pirate! You are off to a great start with photos in your first post. This thread is in the “General IH” board. The Construction board is down a bit further on the home page. If you click on the “Red Power Magazine” logo above and scroll down you can’t miss it Dave
  11. Nice save Pirate! You might try posting over on the IH Construction Equipment page on here. Lots of experience with gas start diesels over there. I’m sure the folks that hang out over there would enjoy some more photos. ? Dave
  12. Looks like a prime candidate for a new Tonyinca project! @Tonyinca ?
  13. "Ran when parked". Might be a good one for KoO to add to his fleet.
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