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  1. I know I’m a week late on the post lift subject Tony, but please be careful moving it with anything heavier than what it’s designed for. I would hate to see a “Red Kid Down” post if something failed. Looking forward to seeing photos of the baler in the field! Dave
  2. $1,675 with just over an hour to go! (and no, it’s not me)
  3. DavCut

    I'm free!!

    Great story MTO! We fenced the back yard last fall (we live in town). Prior to that the 3 dogs were never off leash when they were outside. They absolutely love it out there now being able to run around at full speed. I certainly could never have run them that fast on leash!
  4. It looks great just the way it is TN. If nothing else you have stabilized it until you can save up for a full @Tonyinca reconstruction! I had a 79 F100 Custom that I bought when I was in high school. Absolutely loved that truck. Got hit a couple days after I graduated in 1990. Ruined the driver’s side door and dented the bed. My Dad and I (mainly my Dad) swapped out the door, repaired the bed and the rust the truck had at that point in our garage. Dad then had the guy who painted the trucks where he worked come over and paint it one night. Came out great and between my Dad and I we drove
  5. Good friend of mine from growing up in Sudbury moved to Warwick a few years ago. Small world! Dave
  6. Thank you for posting Art. When I did a search for “booster buck” another if your threads popped up: Dave
  7. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him, but a quick search shows that he is from around here. I have a friend who is into cars that probably knew him.
  8. Currently hailing from Berwyn, PA - about 25 west of Philadelphia, very close to Valley Forge. I grew up in Sudbury, MA, about 25 miles west of Boston. Family farm was leased for nursery stock for years before being developed in the mid 90’s. Great topic @vtfireman85! Thank you for starting it.
  9. DavCut


    I’ve worked in the heavy construction world as an engineer for the last 25 years so I’ve worked with all kinds of great people with “colorful” word choices. On mining superintendent shared the story of his wife asking him why he cussed so much. He replied that if he didn’t the crew wouldn’t know when he was upset. She suggested that he try not cussing for a week. Not surprisingly everyone knew when he was upset even without the cussing and he cleaned up his language going forward. That was more than 20 years ago and I’ve done my best to follow his example ever since. Dave
  10. How about a capstan type winch? I’ve never used one myself but seems as if it could work pretty well in this type of application. Could possibly be as simple as a horizontal shaft engine and a wide pulley. Dave
  11. My wife and I have been doubly blessed in that we have stayed healthy and neither of us have missed a day of work so it became the money for a few small purchases that we had been considering for a while. Ours showed up as a debit card that we almost threw away as junk mail! Got me wondering how much was sent out in this fashion that was never spent and if the debit card company keeps it... Dave
  12. Thanks Danny and Red211 for the replies. They look so different I didn’t even notice the old one there. Dave
  13. What do the standard rollers look like? Guessing it’s something less than 3 flanges. Are the tracks different too to work with the 3 flange rollers?
  14. Did you write it into the sales agreement that Matt has to join the site and post regular updates for all of your followers Chris? Glad to hear that it is going to a good home. You will just have to find another piece restore and post about... Dave
  15. Merry Christmas Chris (and everyone else)! While I don’t post often, I appreciate reading everyone’s posts and seeing the friendly support that everyone provides to each other. The world needs more of that! Stay safe and best wishes for 2021! Dave
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