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  1. Looks like a prime candidate for a new Tonyinca project! @Tonyinca 🙂
  2. I left a corporate job at the end of March and went to work for a friend’s construction company as an estimator. Best move ever! It’s like I get to play in my buddies sandbox every day. Our son graduated from HS in the spring and youngest daughter started HS this fall. Older daughter graduates HS in the spring and has been accepted to multiple colleges for fall of 2021. Everyone is healthy in my immediate circle and the grownups haven’t missed any work. Overall felling very blessed and can’t complain.
  3. Pretty cool. Went to a truck drag race in Maryland many, many years ago. Guy ran in a Ryder truck. Announcer called it “the rent-a-racer”. Got points for originality in my book.
  4. At least they could have loaded it rear first to reduce the tongue weight... Then again maybe that would have lifted the rear off the ground... 😂
  5. IH called them “Sightliners”. I believe the window concept was to improve visibility. Save
  6. The kid's Scout Troop has one that someone donated used. Didn't seem to have had a lot of use. I've had the chance to run it a number of times. It's a workout, but more productive than a string trimmer by far! Only trouble we have had was breaking shear bolts on the hubs - or at least having them disappear. Seems to happen at about the same location that we run out of line with the string trimmer... We joke that we feel like the people in the adds as we come crashing through the high grass with it. DavCut
  7. "Ran when parked". Might be a good one for KoO to add to his fleet.
  8. Excavator doesn't have the reach that the cranes do - you can see this in the footage from the news coverage. Grapple might have penetrated the jamb better, but I'd expect everything was packed in plenty tight. Crane closer to shore had the advantage of working from an open face too. Not sure you would get me out on the middle of the next one in the crane after seeing that one fail! DavCut
  9. DavCut


    I was sitting in the hospital next to my wife holding our 8 hour old son when the second plane hit on live TV. I remember looking down at him and asking myself what kind of world we had brought him into. 18 years later he is our shining light on a somber day.
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