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  1. Looking good man, be pushing before you know it.
  2. O ya there was one tree in there that OMG was big, but the stump/roots under are so HUGE we are going to have to burn in in place. It’s a monster. The wife and I washed as much of the dirt, rocks off as we could and are letting it dry out for a bit
  3. Hello, been super busy, got a friends little bobcat E50 track hoe and pulled / dug out the rest of the little forest we had growing in the back pasture. Used the TD to push and clear a TON she’s a beast as long as I keep it out of the big downed wood she’s fine. She sure wants to crawl up on top of the pile tho. Had me a little concerned a few times as I was seeing what she’s capable of. i found some things I missed in my excitement to get her working. both final drive extension housings have had the bolt castings broken off. Not all but a lot of them. the main spring pack has the lower right spring sheared off and it’s resting on the next shorter one above it. i was looking at options and talking to John at tractor parts in Idaho, great guy BTW he’s an awesome dude. If you need anything for a TD or other equipment give his a ring. http://www.tractorparts.com/ anyways I have the old girl back in the main shop and I’m in the process of building some saw horses and she’s going to be coming apart. ill take photos and maybe some videos of the teardown. On the shop, Thanks. I love it I worked a long time saving and scraping to get her built and it’s a god send to be able to work under a roof lol.
  4. 🤣 I know that feeling, neighbors GD cat was in the shop when I got up (230am) started a fire and when my back was turned he hauled the mail through an empty box I had by the lift. Talk about dropping a load. Been a while since I was that scared 😂 so I feel ya man lol
  5. Hello Peter, ya I lucked out I’m really happy with the ol girl. the hydraulic pump is right behind the Mag. I painted a little arrow on the photo I’m going to post.
  6. Thanks Ian, I will remember that and make sure I’m careful when I’m in there tearing them up. Ross
  7. Sugarmaker, no she’s a little one, but she’s got some grunt I tell ya my muffler should be here next week, maybe, because I’m going to need it on there. When she starts talking with a load in front of her you take notice. This old equipment was built to last, not like the Chinese crap they flood our countries with today. **** most of the original bolts I pulled out I just gave them a parts washer bath one trip to my wire wheel and they were like new, when I pulled my new holland apart a few weeks ago I had to replace quite a few that looked like they went through the war. She only has 700 hrs on her, and rarely sits outside. but I’m not going to let the ol international get rust on the gears, she’s going to do some work, and I was really impressed that when moving around she doesn’t tear the ground up bad at all, unless you try and turn her around quickly 😂 looks like another weeks almost ready to begin! have a great week guys. Ross shes sleeping lol
  8. She’s waiting to get back inside lol
  9. Hello Sugarmaker, just got back in, the ol girl ran good and pushed some dirt and roots around but she’s to small to push the trees I pulled into the pile 😞 thats okay tho she’s a dirt pushing machine, I’ll use her to build the berm around it when I get them piled. im going to clean up the shop before I bring her back in tho lol she dropped a LOT of debris and there are more to shed. now I just need to talk a friend into dropping his little bobcat off so I can pull the rest of my trees and pile them.
  10. I do enjoy it, it gives me something to do that keeps me outa the house. i was lucky enough to make enough money to get my shops up a few years ago and now I have a place to mess around more or less. just have to cut my plywood seat and wait till she starts getting light outside.
  11. I never got the crank handle with this ol girl, would be a nice thing to have under the seat. on this machine the fan is 19 inches across the center, the fan belt is 13 1/2 inches lol. I could get it over two blades the third was really close but like 2 inches short. But at least the fan was not to difficult to get off. I might have gotten lucky because this ol girl was stored inside a lot of its life and not outside. It’s to bad they had it sitting in front of an open door tho the paint faded pretty bad. But if it was in better condition I wouldn’t have been able to afford it so I’m pretty happy with it. When i I get done working her this year I’m going to clean her up some and make her pretty again. when engineers make things like that they need a swift kick in the nuts. I have worked on some trucks that make you scratch your head, W** were these guys thinking. well the ol girl is running really well now, worked on her 12 hrs solid yesterday, found out the gas locking dog was stuck and not rotating at all, pulled it off and cleaned it up put it to .060 on the gap and she’s locking in place and disengaging correct now. cleaned the tips on the plugs, (weird looking things too) got my wires resealed with new to them boots. Gapped the points to .020 couldn’t find what they recommended so I went with that gap. Put the gas tank and feed lines back in and put the battery tray and batteries back in. went to test fire it and was getting a long crank time with just a small amount of smoke outa the exhaust, checked the fire at the plug and nothing🙁 pulled the cap checked the points and they were firing but so weak they might as well have been doing nothing, dug around some and found a condenser from an old GM 216 I used to have. (Packrat to the rescue again!) had to modify the retainer because the IH one was narrow and long wile the GM is sort and fat. Cut and put a straight spade on it and the points were hot again 😎 had to leave off the dust shield and that little gasket in there put everything back and she fired off within half a revaluation. checked the charge rate and at an idle shed pushing 14.21 volts. let her warm up and flipped to Diesel let it run and checked exhaust temperature, all good. Moved everything back to gas mode and she switched without a hitch. Let her cool and killed it, waited a bit and she fired right back up, easy peasy. started putting the belly pan on, that was a job for small hand people I tell ya, what a pain. But she’s on. Got the hard nose on and put the top on. I have a few things to do before it gets light enough out I might put the side panel on, might not though depends. I wanted to take her out yesterday but I was so hungry and tired after I ate and took a bath I laid down with my dog and just woke up 😂 Ross
  12. Almost looks like she had sunk at some point.
  13. I wish I did, if I worked on these for a living I would make one for that pulley, to get it moving I sprayed PB Blaster on it before I went to work. When I got home I used a small brass wire brush and a tiny flat screw driver to clean the threads, then I bit the bullet and used a long brass punch and Tapped that SOB until it moved like a 1/6 then tapped it the opposite direction. I did not know at the time the entire half of the pulley was part of the nut, I thought it was a nut thrust washer situation. but that fan, I took the two bolts out and was carefully loosing the shouldered bolts with the springs, I was thinking I could get it out enough to slip the small belt by. Nope. so then I started looking and that “pin” bolt that holds that “spring retainer wing thing” and hosed it down with PB and had a smoke thinking, so this is where I break the f***** thing. so I backed that nut off the “pin” where it was even with the end of the threads, I left the fan shroud on so everything was out of alignment to get a straight hit on it. so I got my smallest dead-blow hammer and started “rabbit tapping” that little guy lol i only hit myself one time so the cussing was minimal. any way that did absolutely nothing to loosen it. so back to my longest brass punch and a bigger steel hammer, I balanced the punch with my thumb on a fan blade and wrapped my hand around the end of the shaft and held on like it was money and hit that C*** S***** and it popped loose! after that it was cake.
  14. Hello Duey, Thank you Sir. I made a video of the fan removal as well but it did not turn out, I am going to redo it this winter. I looked EVERYWHERE for information on the proper way to get that thing off, because you have to to get that small belt on, I guess you might be able to really really stretch the belt around it but I don’t do things like that. anyways I found out that Range Rover makes a TD6 SUV, interesting I never knew that lol. that old manifold switch works great, I wanted to use the switch on the dash that turns the power to on for my trigger switch for the alternator, and I was really happy to find out the Gas lever kills the power to the Distributor when switching to diesel mode. So I’m really happy about that. this morning I’m going to check out the adjustments on that gas system and see if I can get it where my lever will stay in the position on its own, then I’m going to fix my spark plug wires, they have spots in them that look to have deteriorated from gas or oil saturation, and the boots 😂 omg I have never seen boots that were this hard and brittle so they are getting replaced. My hoarding that box of old wires is going to pay off today! Well it’s coffee time and then shop time, have a great weekend guys may all that diesel fuel get turned into smoke and energy! Ross
  15. I used to have a dodge pickup with a Cummins in her, the guy I picked it up from gave me like 4 cases of the 2 1/2 gallon chainsaw mix oil with it. Told me to make sure I pour one in every full tank of fuel I got just for that same reason. There is so much to say about why they changed diesel fuel but I don’t want to side track all this great information here. 🙂 Ross
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