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  1. I have one of these old girls too! Kinda like that old shoe you cant to give up on. And pretty much a Deere guy. These are fun old tractors. Turned mine to about 300 hp. She really rolls coal when you pull her hard. Big 20.8 tires on it too. I worked on potato farm where we had 7 4366's and 3 4386's 7 of them were on live bottom wagons. These were fixed really nice. New roof air units, cab kits, door seals, floor mats, AM/FM radios and new seats. 2 were on dirt wagons in the yard and 2 spares. Fun old tractors. I bought the best one $2750 when he moved up to 91 and 9250's on the wagons
  2. Diesel Doctor Im about 4 hrs north and little east of you. Im at Clearbrook, MN 56634 I"m a little over 2 hrs from fargo. What would you be willing to pay for it?
  3. I got this old combine out of the shed for the old neighbor guy the other day. He is in his 80's and is back and forth between assisted living and the nursing home. He wants to sell this nice old 410 Massey combine. It has not been moved in 30+yrs. It doesn't look like it has ever sat outside in its lifetime. It has a cab with air conditioning. The paint is near perfect. It has a 292 chevy 6 cylinder engine. We took the sediment bowl out as the tube was plugged solid. poured a little gas in the carb and it fired right up. Runs really good in fact. I put the machine in gear and it runs so smoot
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