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  1. So far the garage said it was the gasket, the mechanic says this is often caused by over use of ether being sprayed. i never use it myself as it sit in a heated garage. But maybe before I got it they did. It’s still not back yet, but I’ll let everyone know if it was just a gasket or not. Thanks
  2. Yes sir, my fagher in-law thought the same, it actually is heading in to the garage today, It sits in a heated garage, as it’s my baby. So each time i use it, it’s dry. Its not knowing how much it may cost at the garage. Paid $17,000 for tractor. $200 transport already to bring it down. figure min $2000, to open it up. if it’s a head gasket I’m laughing injector next best Cracked head: rebuild on head Worst case: wrings broke, drop bottom out and change rings and over size head. $10,000?
  3. If you don’t mind me asking how much was your rebuild, I’m scared it’ll be more than the tractors worth.
  4. Levels seem fine, oil looked fine and had no fuel smell, keep in mind i haven’t been running it since the smoke started. I parked it not to damage it any further. looks like it’s goung in for a tear down.
  5. Your both right, ounce the blower was lubed up it still spins, slow but spins. Oh well going to learn to live with it.
  6. -10c around outside but tractors parked inside a heated garage.
  7. I have a 2006 Case 55Dx with 2,000hrs, It just started blowing major Smoke like crazy out the bypass hose. a bit of oil drippings but not burning like crazy . Could it be anything other than rings or a motor job? 2000hrs is not very much for any tractor. i don’t know it’s history i bought it at auction. I’ve been using it now for 5 hrs or so on snow removal and had no issues until now. motor doesn’t knock, starts fine, everything seems normal.
  8. Looks like you were right. The blowers on and the pto has stopped turning. Thanks man.
  9. If it was a bulletin wouldn’t the dealer have it still in there system? So that would be like a recall for that issue. I should be able to see if this one ever had the recall. Would be great to know what was replaced on recall as my father in law plans to fix it him self for me.
  10. I haven’t had it under load yet, snowblower hasn’t arrived yet. Should that matter? stuck our boot to see if we could stop it and wasn’t able to stop it.
  11. 2006 Case DX55 pto remains engaged, lever works fine, not sure what would cause the pto to always turn.
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