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    Working the farm and spending time with my family. Then HUNTING, FISHING, RIDING MOTORCYCLES, and SideXSides in sand dunes.

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  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing your story.
  2. Hello, I am new to this site and a new owner of a 1927 six speed special. I am interested in seeing more photos of your project and sharing your information as mine is limited. Thanks Phil
  3. Dale560, so your saying you have an original manual not a reprint? If so would you consider selling it? I bought a reprint manual but it would be neat to have an original.
  4. Dale560, how did you come by your book if I may ask? Do you have a six speed special? Thanks to R190 I did purchase a manual from Binder Books.
  5. Hi all, new to this site Just picked up this beauty. Don't know much about vehicles this old. Any and all help is appreciated. Was told the motor was rebuilt about ten years ago and never started. Need to finish wiring. I would like to find an owners manual for it if they made them in the 20's. I would also like to see a written start up procedure. Thanks for any help.
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