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  1. Couldn't adjust the track tightener after welding so took out two bolts connecting it to front idler, used a small hydraulic jack to move idler ahead and installed a 3/8'' shim with longer bolts to bring track to right tension. Adjusted other side the same all is well!
  2. Thanks so far to everyone I'm just cleaning up some fall work here at the farm before I tackle the TD6 issue
  3. I like that approach I can lay a good 7018 bead if I can V it out and turn it around
  4. I have a cracked track adjuster in a bad place to weld. What is the procedure for removing it. Do I have to split the track?
  5. My track 1955 - TD6 track adjuster has been welded and cracked again. How big of a job is it to remover the adjuster where necessary to weld it? Do I have to split the track?
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