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  1. Thanks acem, but I was able to order just the diaphragm for the accelerator pump. Got it from Daytona Auto Parts. Installed and good to go with no more leaks. I realized my carb had the governor after some thought but the accelerator pump diaphragm is the 30cc one, so its all good.
  2. I wanted to update this thread and also ask another question. I sent the original fuel pump to THEN & NOW AUTOMOTIVE for a rebuild as recommended by odSteve. They rebuilt it the same day they received it and I had it back several days later. It looked like a brand new pump. The charge was very reasonable, not that much more than a kit. The truck runs great and I was able to use the original fuel pump with the glass sediment bowl. Now, I noticed the Holley carb accelerator pump is leaking and I've been told I need to get a diaphragm for the accelerator pump. International says they can't get them. Anybody know where to get a diaphragm for an accelerator pump for a Holley carb from a 1970 Loadstar 1600 with the 345 engine? Thanks for your help.
  3. Fuel pump is leaking on my 1970 Loadstar 1600 with 345 engine, fuel pump has sediment bowl directly below. Is there anywhere to order an original fuel pump with sediment bowl? If not, is it better to go to electric fuel pump with in-line fuel filter or rebuild the old fuel pump ? What is the best electric fuel pump if that's the way to do? I was given the name of a place in MA to rebuild, not sure if there are others that are recommended. Are there any aftermarket fuel pumps w/o sediment bowl that are advisable? Any help would be appreciated. I can't seem to find anything recent on this topic. I also need the rubber hose that connects the fuel pump to the hard fuel line. Thanks again.
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