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  1. Would you happen to have a source for a fuel shutoff valve that's below the fuel tank. The one on my 504 diesel drips constantly whether closed or all the way open.
  2. I haven't made it to my hydraulic hose guy yet. I've been swamped bush hogging and weaning some calves. Hopefully I can work on the little 504 this weekend.
  3. I dont know if my local shop can repair it or not. If they cant I will look in RPM.
  4. This kit wouldn't work either. The only threads to screw anything too are way down below the base, where the original bolt screws Into. I found all the parts to make the original canister type complete, so I will just stay original.
  5. Gonna start posting my 504 stuff in here....starting to look like a project....lol! When I got this tractor it had a significant hydraulic leak on the rear set of remotes! I believe I found the problem....lol!
  6. That's the filter and filter base....its looks a little silly.....but there it is. I'll get a picture of the base without the filter when I get home from work.
  7. IHS4177 is the part number they shipped me.
  8. You can easily see how much bigger the factory filter canister is.
  9. The diameter of the one they sent is way too small, and the tube with the threaded end that goes down into the old oil filter base is at least an inch too short. I will snap a couple of pictures this evening when I get home.
  10. The 504 only has one oil filter. The Kit Steiner sent me has the proper part number for this tractor....but it's no where close on fitting. I'll get photos tomorrow.
  11. I ordered a spin on oil filter kit from Steiner for my Farmall 504 and it's not even close to fitting. I called them and confirmed that I have the right part and I do. The funny thing the cartridge oil filter that's on it now takes the same filter I used to use on my 806. The tech confirmed that the canister oil filter is correct and cross referenced it to the 806 also. So logic tells me that the spin on kit for an 806 should fit this tractor. Can I get yalls thoughts on this.....and anyone else think it's odd that a little 4 cylinder diesel would have the same oil filter system as a big 6 cylinder?????
  12. I removed my tank about a week ago... Pretty simple process. The only thing I would use in my tank would be the stuff that stabilizes the rust. Use a good air compressor to pressurize the tank and blow all the loose stuff out!
  13. Clipping pasture is just taking the seadheads or tops off the grass.
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