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  1. You guys nailed it. The cut off pawls were locked up tighter than Fort Knox on both sides. Got them soaking hopefully they free up. Thanks again everyone
  2. Thanks guys. I haven’t made it back over to where I got the planter/tractor sitting to dive into it too much. I made the post hoping with all the intelligent people on this site when I made it back over there I could have somewhere educated to start. When ever the guy I bought it off of demonstrated it for me no cracking or grinding. It originally came with some cast iron sweet corn plates (don’t have the number on me) and I’d bought some plastic soybean plates off of Harris ( I think it was ).Pretty confident I don’t need a filler ring for either. I will let ya guys know what I find out when I make it back to check it out. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I’ve been reading this forum for quite some time but have never posted. I own a 53 Super C that has been in the family since 54. It was beyond shot but have thrown some time and too much money at it to keep it rolling. I use it mainly for deer food plots and occasionally rake some hay with it etc. This past fall I came across a c251 corn planter and had always thought it would be another excuse to use the little tractor if I found one. Well getting it prepped to do some soybean food plots this summer it has decided to start grinding about 10-20 percent of every seed that comes out of it. I swapped it back over to the sweet corn plates and same result. Anyone have any guesses why it would be grinding the seed like that ? Thanks in advance !
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