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  1. Definitely hate to see good old equipment meet that fate. A lot of the stuff built nowadays won’t last 1/2 as long as stuff that was built back then!
  2. Thank y’all for all the very informative input!! I live in central Ky and don’t have a lot of knowledge on this machine. Bought a couple of years ago and just now getting around to messing with it. Didn’t seem to have the power it should have. Will try and get it back going and update later. Might be a while though. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for the reply. After looking into it some more, there are some other things that would have to be modified also that makes it not worthwhile. I appreciate the very knowledgeable input!!
  4. Don’t have a spare machine But I do have a 90 ford with the old 7.3 Idi I would like to adapt into the machine. Since my funds are very limited, and I hate to see that old engine not being utilized, I have since come up with the idea of going this route. I know it will require an adapter but don’t know what else it would all entail. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Was looking into replacing the UD554 in my old TD15-151. Does anyone know if there is a good direct fit newer style replacement? Thanks
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