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  1. My thoughts exactly, not sure if been opened or not. Based on other maintenance done on this tractor I doubt it but you never know. Thanks everyone!
  2. That makes sense and I may do just that, just curious if the drawing is wrong or not. Figured others have rebuilt these boxes and could hopefully get a reply form on of them. Kerry
  3. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    I got it off, thanks again for the help!!
  4. I got the box out yesterday. I'll have to buy a new steering wheel since I was forced to cut the other off. It was so badly corroded I had no choice. I started pulling the box apart and it appears to have wheel bearing grease in it. Very thick stuff so that could be one of the roads to it's failure. I found it odd that there is no bearing and race on top of the worm shaft like noted in the drawings. I actually had two spacers instead so only one bearing was used, at the bottom of the worm shaft. It doesn't appear to have been opened up before... Should I reassemble per the drawings or go back with the double spacer on top? Just want to do what's best. Thanks
  5. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Got it, thanks for confirming. I'll get my gunk cleaner and go to town on it. I have a small chisel or two so that's a good idea to try. Thanks!
  6. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Ok, I've looked it over closely and there are only 4 bolts and one nut that hold the box to the frame. So 3 holes on the side shown and 2 on the hidden side in the picture. I tried tapping the box to see if I could get it to break loose, but it's not budging. I'm at a loss, but I don't want to go banging on it as I know I'll crack the case or something with my luck. Is it normal for them to not lift easily once the bolts are removed? Sign me confused...
  7. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Thanks Jim, I guessing I'm missing a bolt on one side. I'll go out and look at it again.
  8. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Ok guys, I need help again on my IH 276... The nut was indeed welded on the wheel, but I took the advice here and cut it away slowly. I got it off without damaging the threads too bad. I'll run a tap through it to make sure all is good before it goes back together. Right now I've put some wd40 on it in an attempt to make it easier to pull off. That said, I'm not able to lift the steering box itself. I removed the 2 bolts per side and the large nut toward the driver seat on the steering arm side. I don't see anymore bolts, but it won't life. I'm not sure if there is another bolt underneath, I didn't see any, so I'm hesitant to start tapping on it to break it loose. I expect some corrosion buildup, but it still seems solid like bolted down still Thanks. Kerry
  9. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Ok, I'll clean it up with a wire wheel first to see if I've misread the situation. Pending that outcome, I'll pick up a chisel or grind the welds. Thanks for the help! Kerry
  10. Analyte

    Steering wheel

    Sorry for the dumb question, but expand what and how? I don't have an air chisel so trying to figure out how to use your recommendation. Thanks Kerry
  11. Ive been working on my IH276 slowing bringing it back. I've started on the steering box since there was 3/4 turn of slack in the wheel. I figured this is a good time to pull the dash panel as well to clean, sand, paint, and install some new gauges in it. I need to rent a puller to pull the steering arm off the sector shaft since it is Frozen on. The shaft seems very tight in the box as well so it may be in a bind somewhat, is it acceptable to tap with a hammer to get it moving out? Finally, I discovered my steering wheel, that needed replaced, appears to have the top nut and all welded to the shaft so going to have to cut it off unfortunately. That said, I could get some threaded rod and weld a new piece on the end to bolt the new steering wheel if someone knows the nut and thread size. Anyone know offhand? Kerry
  12. By the way, the one I ordered is available in green it's just not available at Summit. I'll take a picture once received and offer an opinion on it. I also ordered a new light switch, tachometer, key switch, and glow plug resister. This will complete all the dash needs so I can wire everything up. I may sand and put a coat or paint on it as well since it's apart just to protect the metal from the elements. Kerry
  13. I found those locally at a auto parts store, and they are too small. The hole is ~3/4 in my dash and these are 1/2 under the head. I bought one and tried washers, but it just looked bad visually with the washer up top. I returned it today. Those I ordered may be plastic, but they should be the correct size. I may return them as well, but I'm going to try them.
  14. Just to keep this thread updated for those that may search for indicator lights, I believe I have found a replacement. After much searching, I found a hella part number that replaces the prior IH number for the indicator lights. Even better, for us in the US, I found them at Summit Racing of all places. They aren't a stock item so they will take 10 days to arrive, but the price was good and the measurements look correct. The light color is red only, no green, but I ordered two anyway. I'll try changing one of them to to the green color, or I may have to keep both red. Here is the part numbers ordered: HLA-001200131LAMP WARNING 1200 RED TRANSLUCENT(Mfr. #: 001200131)
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