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  1. PM sent with email address. Thanks!
  2. Well, I picked it up last night and got it home. I cleaned the block stamping and it is indeed a BD144. The guy also had another hood and side panels from a 434 that he gave me since he didn't have a use for them. Speaking with the owner, he didn't know it wasn't a 434 because of the body panels. That said, he had never heard of a 276 before so we talked about it and laughed how someone dragged it down from Canada at some point. A cool history. The ignition switch has been replaced at some point so it is not a push in for energizing the glow plugs. Checking the horn button as well, it's wires go to nowhere so the tractor seems to be a very good cold starter since the glow plugs appear to be unused. I'll pressure wash it today and start looking at the wiring while waiting on the filters I ordered to come in. I don't want to run it much until all the fluids are changed. Plus I still need to get on them brakes. Thanks again for all the help! Kerry
  3. Jimb2, Thanks again for all your help. With no real concerns regarding the tractor from the pics, video, or price I'll move forward with the purchase. I'm sure I ask more questions going forward, but thanks for being so responsive to the new guy! Kerry
  4. Never before had I heard about a 276, good to know they are around. Just apparently not normal for down here...lol
  5. Good point on the horn being reappropriated. I'll have to check. Thanks for the filter help, I'll get those ordered so I'm ready to go. Thanks, Kerry
  6. Wow, then the current owner was pressing the horn button thinking it was for the glow plugs. It actually started good cold considering that fact. Does your book provide part numbers for all the filters; fuel, oil, etc? The first thing I want to do it service it completely since I don't know when it was done last. I'll add some ATF as suggested as well to the fuel so as to lube the injector pump.
  7. Wow, great information from everyone. I really appreciate the help!! As it sits, agreed price is $950 and I'm still ok with that deal being it's a 276. The fact that so few are around makes it worth fixing up and working it for another 50 years. I mainly want it for bush hogging, box blade, and grader blade work. At 32hp, it's more than enough for my needs. I do live on hilly property so I'll definitely get the oil pressure light working to verify I don't run her dry. Good tip on the glow plugs if they need replacing. Kerry
  8. Matt, I will agree that things look different in person versus pictures. I uploaded a short video of it running and it really doesn't sound bad to me. The body definitely needs some work and paint to look good, and the wiring has been patched over the years. Mechanically, expect for loose steering, poor brakes, and PTO clutch adjustment it seems to quite sound overall. Just a really cool old tractor that has a life of piddling ahead of it.... Kerry
  9. Actually, one more question. Now that we've determined it's a 276, what is a fair price for this tractor in this condition? I still want it, but does the BD144 reduce the value over the BD154? I just don't want to pay a 434 price for a 276 so with this new information just trying to determine if the price is still good or not if he won't adjust it any. Thanks again, Kerry
  10. Thanks IHC-DK, by all new evidence it definitely appears to be a 276. Does your instruction book say whether the glow plugs are energized by the ignition switch similar to the 434 or not? If the same, what does that black button on the left side under the dash panel do that I asked about earlier? For a 276 to end up in Tennessee after not being sold in the US originally is actually pretty cool. I'm betting most down here have never even seen a 276 which is why it was thought to be a 434. I have read the BD144 wasn't a good starting tractor compared to the BD154, but that's all I found that's negative about the smaller Diesel. It still should do everything I'm wanting along with being a cool tractor to look at, and the price is still more than fair. Anything else I should look for or know about before I pick it up? Thanks, Kerry
  11. I spoke to the current owner and he's unable to read the engine block tag or stamping. If there, it's too dirty to read. He did send me the tire sizes since they show a 32 inch wheel for a 434 and a 28 inch wheel for a 276 on tractordata. The tires on the tractor currently are a 13.6x28 which fits the 276 description on tractordata website. If the 276 has draft control that may be what it is. Thanks, Kerry
  12. Great news, thanks JimB2!! It also appears the 276 had smaller tires front and rear so that is something I could check as well.
  13. Interesting, I guess it could be a 276 with the round axle front. We're they sold in the US as my search seemed to point to them not being sold here? Any external differences between the BD144 and BD154 that I could look for to confirm? I read the CAV is different, is there a style code on the CAV I could check. To confirm? I found a 276 online and it was brought up that it didn't have draft control? Was that an option or standard on 276 tractors? It appears the 276 is also a dual stage clutch so that doesn't help. Thanks!
  14. I did find two more pictures, I had taken one each of the front and back. It seems like an oddity now considering the European front with a round tube axle.
  15. This is a better picture of the button on the left under the instrument panel that the owner pushed before starting. Now, it could be he doesn't know the glow plugs are energized by pushing the ignition switch and he just assumed this was correct. Nonetheless, if the button isn't for glow plugs, what is it for?
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