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  1. thanks a bunch everyone, that is great info. Yes, a powerstar is a NH 75hp. I don't necessarily want a 'small' tractor, just the smallest tractor I can get away with while running a 10' bush hog and stacking bales 3 high. The suggestions in here are awesome and yes please do send me the info on the one in Madison.
  2. Hi all, I have a 43 acre cattle farm with plans to add another 50 acre parcel about 10 min down the road. Both places have a few inclines that make me slightly worried about higher profile tractors. Right now I have a Powerstar 75 cabbed tractor and I have no problems on the hills. I don't do hay, the only uses for my tractor are clearing downed trees, occasional bush hogging with my 10' bush hog and feed/unrolling bales of hay in the winter. I figure I need at least a 50hp pto tractor (very little of my bush hogging is more than clipping). Which IH would be best? I need a historically reliable setup (I understand how it was taken care of is most important, but want to know what to stay away from) Something to lift 4x5 round bales three high pull my 10' bush hog be heavy enough and wide enough to handle the hills that my powerstar 75 does.
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