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  1. Where can I find a valve cover gasket for a 1948 td6?
  2. So I have a leak on the front right of my head for a couple minutes while it warms up. Pulled the valve cover hopefully to just check torque on the head nuts. Can I pull the 10 nuts on the rockers lift that off and tighten all head nuts and put the rockers back on easy peazy?
  3. I got the napa 1155 and it's not the same
  4. I cant find a engine oil filter for my td6. Where could I find one?
  5. Not necessarily split the track, take out the two bolts and see if you can screw it out all the way. If not you'll atleast have to slip the track off the front idler so you got more room to thread the tightener out. I just replaced mine but I changed everything and I dont recall how far out that comes
  6. Oh I hate to see the s word! I noticed these on classifieds and wished I had the room!
  7. Oh good none of our other 9s have that setup either. There is no linkage or anything to that starter, not sure how it starts. That was another reason he thinks the motor isnt from another nine
  8. The machine is a 52 serial number, some one has changed the motors and also new rollers,idlers and sprocket. My guess they did a undercarriage change then the motor went out. They couldn't get all the gas/diesel levers right so took it for scrap and we ended up with it.
  9. It's on a td it has a 6 blade fan and grandpa doesnt think it's a td 9 motor. Any ideas?
  10. I just wondered, grandpa has a 9 motor sitting that's bad but he kept it cause it had injectors and pump on it still, also got a 14 motor. I'll have to do alittle more looking. Thanks
  11. I oiled it and it seems great now
  12. Any one know if td6 , 9 and 14 are the same injectors
  13. Haha It got a new pad, but I was thinking it needed a thicker one too! Thanks
  14. Made it to the county fair and the original owner relived his younger days of when it was brand new. Him and my grandpa who currently owns it were nothing but smiles. Here are a few pics I got. Mine is in its work clothes still not the painted pretty one.
  15. I got a chrome straight stack but I'm out of time
  16. A lil oil in the mag and she seems to purrrr! Bring on the fair tomorrow.
  17. My crawler was used in a silage pit and corrals pushing crap, then went to a excavation company. I also know the family that bought it new and the next guy it went to so I have a little history on it. It's been used hard and alot of the bolts were rounded and rusted but pounding a metric socket on them did wonders and heat! My parts tractor was just a ag tractor and was in better shape the bolts were still square and came apart great! We re used them. Undercarriage swap wasnt bad did alot by myself also could get the master pins out of the tracks so removed 4 tracks without splitting them and
  18. So the td6 sputter and dont run full bore on gas. So last night I took my little brass hammer and gave the mag a tap. It purrrrrred to life! Did that 3 times I tryed starting it. Now if you do that it I assume it loses sparks and dies. So I'm thinking mag problems. Any thoughts?
  19. So took apart the mag check the points and cleaned out it back together and bam purrrrrrred! Ran it shut it off, put away some of the various tools and such. Tryed it again back to sputtering [dang it] so I took my little brass hammer tapped on the mag and it purrrred again yes ! Did that 3 times. After that now a little tap on the mag and we loose spark and dies...something loose in the mag or bad mag?
  20. No I didn't check the float and we changed floats from another carb. The original look like it would fall apart anytime now.
  21. The once a day if your lucky and it goes on gas it sounds good, diesel side sounds great too. I've been trying for two years to get grandpa to put one of his many in the local fair show and a month ago he said let's do it. Guess we should of started way earlier
  22. I'm not afraid to tear in alittle here and there my 85 year old grandpa sitting there watching and waiting to hear that thing purr again is pushing me to get it done. We had it, let it set for two weeks while I did the undercarriage and now nothing. Fuel filter was plugged, carb was extremely dirty, cleaned it all everytime the sediment bowl get some crap from the tank I clean it out. I'm wondering if the steel line has a pin hole and or kink and isnt allowing enough fuel when it's trying to run. I'm bypassing the bowl today after work and running a hose around the grill to the carb to s
  23. Filter cleaned and new oil, new plugs, pulled the intake and carb off, cleaned carb. The intake valves seemed to be working right and were in the right position. Linkage all seems to move and be free. I noticed if you tighten the sediment bowl tight it only drops fuel in the bowl from the tank. Is there a way to check the s valves? It just low idles and sputters and smokes. It sputtered long enough earlier today and did switch to diesel and it purred then shut off the diesel and flipped back to gas and it ran fine on gas. Some reason it wont run full on gas like it should at first when t
  24. I just acquired a 1948 td6. Got it running and it purrs and fires awesome. Got it moved into the open changed the rails,sprockets, idlers, rollers, tracks everything on the undercarriage from a 55 td6. It looks good. Problem, went to start it after sitting for a couple weeks it goes but it's like it wont idle up and purr. Maybe starving for gas alittle or not enough air. I'm stumped and grandpa wants this baby in the fair show in two days any ideas on what to look for?
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