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  1. Where can I find a valve cover gasket for a 1948 td6?
  2. Not necessarily split the track, take out the two bolts and see if you can screw it out all the way. If not you'll atleast have to slip the track off the front idler so you got more room to thread the tightener out. I just replaced mine but I changed everything and I dont recall how far out that comes
  3. Oh I hate to see the s word! I noticed these on classifieds and wished I had the room!
  4. I just wondered, grandpa has a 9 motor sitting that's bad but he kept it cause it had injectors and pump on it still, also got a 14 motor. I'll have to do alittle more looking. Thanks
  5. Any one know if td6 , 9 and 14 are the same injectors
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