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  1. Ah...the DUKE! Depending on which tractor I'm in and what feild I'm in I can sometimes get Real Country 106.7 out of Auburn In. They have Great 50"s-90's stuff
  2. I know Zetor made tractors for JD...What models were they? How long did that deal go for?
  3. Thanks all! I will try to get it welded if I can. If it wasn't cast I could do it but I don't trust myself on cast very much. The broken off piece is out in the field somewhere.
  4. We have a IH 47 baler and one of the knotter castings broke on me last night. Does anyone have a used one I can get hold of? What is the part number? How do you take them out? Does the shaft have to slide out the left side of the baler? Thanks! -OAK
  5. The hydraulics have seemed kind of weak for a long time and today my boss and I were talking about it and I am thinking that we have a weak pressure relief valve. The three point had never made it go but every time I put much of a load on the loader you can hear the relief screaming. How where is it and how can I test it to see if it's wore out?
  6. I'm going to try if we aren't running wheat at the same time.
  7. Yes. That is the sleeve diameter. The piston fits in the bore pretty tight.
  8. Yes to all except the filter. I think it is one of those kind that you have to was out. Probably hasn't been cleaned in a year. The screen has been cleaned more recently. Yesterday after I made the post I went to rake hay and after about fifteen minuets it was working again like normal.
  9. I was cutting hay last night and about the time I finished, I noticed that the lower links of the three point were all the way down. The control lever was all the way op and moving it back and forth didn't change anything. All the other hydraulics work. I haven't had time to do any diagnostics but I just wanted to see if yall have any suggestions? We HAVE been using cam2 303 hyd. fluid for years and I was told last week that they are being sued for putting garbage in their fluid.(?) Thanks!
  10. Okay...I ran into a problem... I was going to order rings but I measured the bore, and it is 4.485 not 4.4 Did they change the ring thickness between the 335 and the 350? If they are the same thickness I can make them work. Also, Weber's told me that since I have the neoprene rear main seal the crank has been changed at some time and I can't use a rope seal. Is this correct? The current rings have a .070 end gap.
  11. Sorry...I waven't had much time recently to update Yall. She found a Super A and a Super C about two hours from here. The A was dirt cheap and the C was reasonable being it and the A didn't. The guy made the C sound perfect and it seemed to be but when we got it home and ran it a while we checked the oil again and it looked like creamer with a little bot of coffee in it. We drained the oil and pressurized the cooling system and there was no water in the oil pan so we out some good used oil in it and ran it a while but the oil stayed black and so we put good stuff in and it works great. At first it wouldn't run well at 3/4+ throttle...then we noticed that someone put the wrong carb on it and it didn't line up with the air cleaner and it was choking itself. More on that later. The A has a cracked block (still not sure whether it is cracked on the inside) and the engine is stuck. Both have cultivators and the A has half of the planter attachment. The brakes on the C don't work well (full of oil)...are they drums or disks?
  12. I know the general area...I think...within a hundred yards or so. I will probably have to go out with a magnet some time...
  13. It's working great! My cutting time is less than half of what it was with the sickle bar.
  14. Thanks! I am heart broken right now...I lost them a few weeks ago. Best pliers I ever had. The angles were perfect, the handles were nice and long but not too long.....please pray that I find them,
  15. How come you can't take the suppressor off your car but if you put a muffler on a gun you can get busted?
  16. I can't find the rings on hastings. I found them on All States Ag but the sizes don't match up to what the book says. Any Ideas where I can find them?
  17. I put the old gasket on and the fire ring on sits around the sleeve...not on it like I thought. Problem solved.
  18. I bought a head gasket from Olsons and then realized that I got the wrong one-I think. I got the non protruding one but later I saw that my sleeves stick out about .020-.030". I ordered the protruding sleeve gasket and when it came I felt the underside of the fire ring but it is smooth. There is no indent for the sleeve. I need help so I can know which gasket to send back. Thanks.
  19. I've tried there...they don't have the right ones.
  20. We have a IH rake and can't find tines for it. There isn't a data tag on it so I don't know what model it is either. Does anyone know?
  21. I couldn't find them in their catalog.
  22. Where can I find rings? All I was able to find was pistons, sleeves and rings for $2000.
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