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  1. They'll stay for a while. If I buy the truck from Dad I'll use hockey pucks.
  2. Does anyone have a list of books about IH history? I have 150 Years of IH and my sister gave me Milestones.
  3. We still have the rubber and I'm extending the steering shaft.
  4. I wish my brother hadn't moved al his machining stuff to Alaska.
  5. I'll bet you're awful proud of that man!
  6. I finally got the cab fixed up and on the chassis. The floor pans were almost as rusty as the old cab. We did a sort of a redneck cab lift...two-by-four chunks two high. Sorry about the pic quality, my camera is a piece of junk.
  7. I don't have the old one off, but the diagram in the manual and the pictures online only have two slots. I was thinking about that but Dad doesn't really like the idea. Do you think I would be able to find one with a two slot shaft? I haven't really looked too hard for a complete clutch.
  8. The spline in the center of the hub/plate.
  9. I've been advised never to try that with a wheeled tractor...too many people dead because they weren't fast enough in the clutch. I don't know about a crawler.
  10. Those look to have a six-slot center anD the citditioner has a two-slot center. https://parts.agcocorp.com/en_US/c/CLUTCH/p/270186 https://www.allpartsstore.com/ItemDetl.htm?ResultsList=210320293392800&CategorySeq=&SelcBrand=&SelcMachn=&SelcModel=&SelcSectn=&SelcSubsc=&SearchDesc=1&TextSearch=TERRAIN KING&ItemNumber=80A75 Is the hub changeable? Thanks.
  11. Actually...I don't know why, but that completely slipped my mind. Shoulda been the first place I looked. I did find it there (took me an hour), It's $160, and the friction discs are a little cheaper than from Hoober. Also I had the wrong Part #. It is 270186. Any idea where else to look or where I could find a used one? Thanks. Here's some pictures.
  12. You could always build the unforgettable redneck version...
  13. Last year my Dad bought a New Idea Cutditioner and the slip clutch is broken. @lightninboy provided links for the manual and friction disks but the pressure plate is also broken and I can't find one anywhere. The part number is 270083. where is the best place to look for parts?
  14. IH OAK


    I thought about that but I've heard that they couldn't handle turbos. Something about throwing cranks out the bottom.
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