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  1. On 8/12/2019 at 4:47 PM, Pbach said:

    Good news: I was finally able to crank over the engine the other day with the new ring gear installed.

    Bad news: when checking compression in each cylinder I found the following-

    cylinder 1(rad) 35psi

    cylinder 2: 45psi

    cylinder 3 :65psi

    cylinder 4(firewall) 100+psi

    After doing a little research it would seem I have cylinder wear, valves not sealing, or a bad head gasket. Does this seem like a bad head gasket scenario since cylinder 4 has great compression? Anyone have any advice on what to do next?




    My 53 TD6 was 30 psi across all four holes. Removed head, water damage in 1 and 4, water jacket on head gasket blown 3 of 4 holes. Heavy taper in all 4 holes. Needs real help.  Oiled drained pan is loose but must lift carriage to remove cross spring and get to pan and rod bolts. Long Long Long way to go......cyliders, pistons rings bearings , rods and mains, and still do not know about the running gear. This could be a MONEY PIT. But i am 71 and have SS to fix it with. LOL


  2. On 8/12/2019 at 11:28 AM, thebunns said:

    I bought two compression testers from Amazon.com & neither one works on my TD-14.  I need an adapter with a rubber tip that will seal against a 22mm hole.  The two I got measured less than 19mm each.  Can somebody tell me where to get one that will fit my tractor?  Thanks!


    If your crawler is a gas over diesel, I took an old spark plug and welded a harbor freight airline fitting to it and added a shraider valve to it.

  3. On 8/5/2020 at 6:35 PM, hardtail said:

    Does the pan feel like it’s hitting something internally?

    yes and no. Need to raise and remove the equalizer spring assy. That is what Russ recommends. Then it should drop straight down.

  4. My pan bolts are all out the pan moves and giggles, but wont come down. It does not hit the cross spring. What am I over looking?

    Compression and leak down was bad . 100 in only measured 30. Blown head gasket, heavy ridge in cylinders , need to ridge ream to remove pistons, tool is on the way for that. Need source for rings, std 3 and 7/8 bore. Had McCord 6160 head gasket ?????? Its a play thing not needed to do heavy work. Any help or insight is appreciated .

  5. Here goes. name of the 5 gallon grease/oiler tool for TD6 idlers and support rollers. Big flat button not a Zerk fitting. Came before zerk but lubed with a pump out of the big bucket or 20 gallon tool.Where do you find them ? Who has 2 and will part with one. My fittings use a 7/8 wrench. Thanks 

    Still do not know how to send pictures. 43 and 53 TD 6's

  6. In the construction zone, 527 pages, 119,585 posts. There is NOT a fast look up, click and find it. Example I'm interested in TD6 info:

    start page one and look for TD6 headings, when you find it write it down, page and topic. advance to next TD6 topic etc etc etc . Its in there just not point and click.

    Page 527 oldest post 3/9/2005 #1........Can not answer or reply to any but most links still work. Right now most of us have 32 more days to visit the archives.

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  7. On 8/26/2019 at 3:04 PM, Dome.us said:

    Any one know if td6 , 9 and 14 are the same injectors 

    I have a 43 TD6, small injectors, very worn nozzles. My 53 has larger injectors that i just had done in Modesto, they just moved to Oregon around Portland. Example not actual size 1" diameter and 4-5" long  and larger almost 2" diameter and 2.5 to 3" stubby.

  8. heavy duty hydraulic jack 12 ton should work. raise bucket and CHAIN no tie strap to the ROP in front. My roll back tow driver pulled my TD6 on to the bed. tie clutch arms all the way back and it might break loose with the tow. Loaded mine back wards because that was the only way. 8400 pounds with blade attached. Have picture but don't know how to attach.

  9. now i am confused. have 43 and 53 TD6..neither is fully operable yet, both are in oregon and im in mid california....Presently both have single 12 volt batteries....Both I think are negative ground....43 is magneto, 53 is coil and points...

    should I be changing anything, 6 volt batteries series or parrallel . go to positive ground...

  10. On 11/29/2019 at 7:40 AM, oldscoutdiesel said:

    The engines for the various MD, Super MD, 400D, 450D, the Industrial  and Wheatland models, as well as TD6 all share the same basic engine block, though increased in cubic inches as the newer models appeared.  The valve cover gasket should be the same.

    Valve covers similar head ? what about injectors???????? Any interchanging ??????My TD-6's, 1 has a  small diameter early injector 1943 and other has a short larger diameter 1953 head....Where can we find injectors that work.

  11. On 11/24/2019 at 11:04 AM, captain_crunch said:

    Don’t know what I ever would do with it maybe a stud fire 🔥 truck has 30,000 pound winch and huge 5th wheel (was a tank retriever) don’t have pictures of Rambo but this KW equivalent 


    Peterbilt Newark California made a similar unit for exploratory oil drilling in Australia. It was a one way trip. frame was made of drilling pipe , the rear end and engine transmission assemble was the power unit, tires held water to cool the drill. Mid 60's.

  12. On 2/7/2017 at 1:08 PM, sugarmaker said:


     The jar may work fine on the upper portion. I need the oil bath portion, metal cup, at the bottom. I have no clue where it went in the 60 years this was used? May have been stolen?



    I brazed mine. Oil and moisture lets the bottom rot. Thin tin not robust cast metal. And mason jars work.

  13. On 5/31/2016 at 8:38 AM, M Diesel said:

    See, that's what I'm sayin. I got needs. Well, plans anyways. Seems to be the way lately, the plan is bigger than the pocketbook. :rolleyes:

    Use 55 gallon plastic drum or grandkids plastic pool. wrap the inside with concreatte steel wire mesh two times around the inside for your electrodes . Place your tracks in and let it  run. do not rush it, you have patients.

  14. On 12/1/2019 at 4:55 PM, King of Obsolete said:

    well after 20 years the linn tractor is now a single stacker because the Dual exhaust will not look good for filming. now with both linn tractors have the exhaust stack in the original place there will be confusion like father's day here in WHO-ville, lol.


    Linn single stack.JPG

    Looks like small block chevy. Rams horn exhaust, where is the rest of the Corvette ? LOL

  15. On 4/17/2019 at 10:14 PM, north of 60 said:

    Great news !  TD6 runs well... they are so much fun to drive !! 

    I found this in my repair manual.... if this is the starter you have in the picture, there is some adjustment that can be made to obtain the specified clearance between the pinion face and the inside nose of the drive housing (23/64” with a 1/32” tolerance either way)..

    Only sending this in the event you may need it down the road.. sounds like you have it fixed..


    North of 60. Can you list the part number or printing of your service manual. I have a 43 and 53 TD-6. One electric Bendix and one mechanical drive,

  16. On 8/12/2019 at 11:28 AM, thebunns said:

    I bought two compression testers from Amazon.com & neither one works on my TD-14.  I need an adapter with a rubber tip that will seal against a 22mm hole.  The two I got measured less than 19mm each.  Can somebody tell me where to get one that will fit my tractor?  Thanks!


    Here is my fix. Take one of your old Spark plugs, break out the porceline and weld on a Harbor freight air chuck that fits your compression tester. I get to make this stuff up, and drive 400 miles to see, my 2 TD-6's. 1943 and 1953......one runs on gas and makes right hand turns. The other has been sitting unknown years. with rain and snow have not had chance to move it to my cousins 20 acres to play.

  17. I love these pictures. I have seen others that make it look like 2 springs, because they have been worn out , the loop is gone. ?????? would the slightest micron of lithium grease under the loop help.....

    My left steering brake is worn out, i can turn to the right but not left. It only runs on gas, at present time. which way should i go first, run on diesel for power, or make it turn ?  Injectors leak and squirt but do not spray with tester. advise please .

  18. Nice twins. My twins are 12 years apart, 1943 TD6, and 1955 TD6. trying to find a source for injectors. tips are burned and they dribble, therefore neither run on diesel. Just heavy smoke. With out spark and gasoline they die. Were there other manufactures of injectors that wound work in these old TD's ? Do TD 9s work in a TD6 head? Going to the top of the world for help.! Dennisbest4503@sbcglobal.net


  19. People in and on the topic talk about the rod and cup, clean and replace or put back in after . Is this with the pump off or is it still connected to the motor. They mention a rack, is it behind the "A" cover of the pump? Is that where the plungers are ? Get lots of white smoke and engine dies trying to go to diesel. That's from to much fuel ? Forgot to say thanks. Thank You .

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