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  1. Valve covers similar head ? what about injectors???????? Any interchanging ??????My TD-6's, 1 has a small diameter early injector 1943 and other has a short larger diameter 1953 head....Where can we find injectors that work.
  2. Peterbilt Newark California made a similar unit for exploratory oil drilling in Australia. It was a one way trip. frame was made of drilling pipe , the rear end and engine transmission assemble was the power unit, tires held water to cool the drill. Mid 60's.
  3. I brazed mine. Oil and moisture lets the bottom rot. Thin tin not robust cast metal. And mason jars work.
  4. Use 55 gallon plastic drum or grandkids plastic pool. wrap the inside with concreatte steel wire mesh two times around the inside for your electrodes . Place your tracks in and let it run. do not rush it, you have patients.
  5. Looks like small block chevy. Rams horn exhaust, where is the rest of the Corvette ? LOL
  6. North of 60. Can you list the part number or printing of your service manual. I have a 43 and 53 TD-6. One electric Bendix and one mechanical drive,
  7. Thinking out of the box, are you sure that your only 22. You listened to grandpa talk and explain. Way to go Russ.
  8. Here is my fix. Take one of your old Spark plugs, break out the porceline and weld on a Harbor freight air chuck that fits your compression tester. I get to make this stuff up, and drive 400 miles to see, my 2 TD-6's. 1943 and 1953......one runs on gas and makes right hand turns. The other has been sitting unknown years. with rain and snow have not had chance to move it to my cousins 20 acres to play.
  9. I love these pictures. I have seen others that make it look like 2 springs, because they have been worn out , the loop is gone. ?????? would the slightest micron of lithium grease under the loop help..... My left steering brake is worn out, i can turn to the right but not left. It only runs on gas, at present time. which way should i go first, run on diesel for power, or make it turn ? Injectors leak and squirt but do not spray with tester. advise please .
  10. KING question please. I have a 43 and 55 TD6, are there other models that use the same fuel injectors ? TD9 14 or manufactures.
  11. Nice twins. My twins are 12 years apart, 1943 TD6, and 1955 TD6. trying to find a source for injectors. tips are burned and they dribble, therefore neither run on diesel. Just heavy smoke. With out spark and gasoline they die. Were there other manufactures of injectors that wound work in these old TD's ? Do TD 9s work in a TD6 head? Going to the top of the world for help.! Dennisbest4503@sbcglobal.net
  12. People in and on the topic talk about the rod and cup, clean and replace or put back in after . Is this with the pump off or is it still connected to the motor. They mention a rack, is it behind the "A" cover of the pump? Is that where the plungers are ? Get lots of white smoke and engine dies trying to go to diesel. That's from to much fuel ? Forgot to say thanks. Thank You .
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