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  1. My was done in a nice shop that still does old radiators, it cost me $600.
  2. get it recored , good for another 50 years ,
  3. Sure no problem. Everybody should get one and do that trick. Worth its weight in gold
  4. searcyfarms, heres a picture of my IH504 with the floorboard removed to show you the 1/2 NPT site glass installed , theres no fluid showing because i had to jack up the left side and take my tire off
  5. have someone else go back in two weeks , make sure the same guy is behind the counter and ask for the same filter , see if he does it again , if he does, then you no he's screwing people ,
  6. still alot cheaper than CASE IH , thats where i get all my hardware from
  7. these are the ones i bought from mcmaster carr, 3" lenght x 3/4 diameter , $4.80, USA MADE, USA MADE , they have many different sizes
  8. tobacco man, yes on the left side of my 504 tractor under the floor board , the pipe plug on the tractor is 1/2 npt, so i just ordered a site glass with a 1/2 npt thread , take out the pipe plug , and add site glass , only cost $14.33 , i dont have a picture of it in the tractor ,
  9. i would keep a few extra on hand , at the price that mcmaster carr sells them for , you'd be a fool not to have a few laying around at that price , also you guys should get a sight glass from mcmaster carr, i always put them on my tractors to check the fluid level, no more taking the pipe plug in and out , worth the time and money to put them on the side of the tractor , the site glass was like $15
  10. Depending on what size you need , go to McMaster carr , I bought 3/4 diameter 3” long pins , just like the ones you show and they were only around $4.50 a piece. Of course you have to add in shipping , but look at all the other stuff they have and make a big order
  11. heres some pictures from the manual , you could look at the parts book , that shows where all the hoses go in the correct sections of the book
  12. didnt mean it to sound offensive , i just dont understand why guys get those cheap gauges, forget about looking original, get a good gauge thats gonna tell you what your motor is doing, heres my gauges on my 1945 w4
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