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  1. when i replaced my TA springs and all my other springs on my IH 504 , i took measurments of the springs and ordered all stainless steel springs from Mcmaster-car. they all work great and dont rust,
  2. i put american made auto meter gauges in all my tractors , i want to see exactly whats going on insted of high / low , green/red , ect,ect,
  3. i had a topic under the technical ih talk section , called IH 504 thermostat, if you do a search its about 4 pages down, i had a chevy 350 -180 degree thermostat , turned the flage down to the proper size and added a few shims to take up the space in the housing , works great , only cost me about $10
  4. i have to drop my oil pan to repaire my oil pump on my IH 504, is there anybody here recently that did it ? . i heard you can lift up the front end and swivel the wishbone to manuver the pan out , any one do this ? i havent gotten to it yet , theres other projects in line , so im just gathering information for now , thanks
  5. id go with this one , Square Wave® TIG 200 TIG Welder (lincolnelectric.com)
  6. must be a real pain in the @ss to work on those tractors with all that metal on them
  7. ive been shooting/hunting with the smoke pole for over thirty years, love it , "keep your powder dry boys"
  8. has anyone ever tried to experiment with a different type of seal material? like the no leak seals they use on the lincoln welders/continetal engines, the seals look pretty much the same as the felt ones , but there made with a teflon/rope type material ,
  9. just use any 22 bullet , its only a squirrel, besides, hopefully your markmanship is up to par
  10. dont be shocked , probably happened somewhere like this
  11. http://highvalleystoves.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/GSKGLS.jpg GSKGLS Gasket, Fiberglass Tape, Door Glass, 1/8" x 1" $22 + $6 Shipping i buy this glass door gasket from, High valley stoves , thats where i bought my stove from 25 years ago , so every time i need the door glass gasket i get it here
  12. you should just get a wiring schematic and rewire it yourself, i did it to all my tractors , saves a ton of money , i get all the color wire needed, and estimate the lenght you need , get all the ends, and some shrink tubing, its pretty cheap online if you go to a wire supplier , i also go up one gauge thicker on my wires , with all the spare money that i saved i buy all new switches and all other things attatched to the dash that would requier changeing at some point in time,
  13. Do you have the name of the tire? I’ll check into it , thanks
  14. i guess i'll wait for the springtime to change them out with good firestone or goodyear tires, there doesnt seem to be good quality china/other brands tires worth getting
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