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  1. Do you have the name of the tire? I’ll check into it , thanks
  2. i guess i'll wait for the springtime to change them out with good firestone or goodyear tires, there doesnt seem to be good quality china/other brands tires worth getting
  3. Yes I would need bias tires, I no you can still get my size , but what China/Turkey/other manufacture would be good to get that is somewhat decent
  4. Is there an equivalent to that size ?
  5. i have to get two new rear tractor tires for my IH504, i have on there now 13.6-28 , i want the same size, who makes a good tire?
  6. i own a IH 504 with a underslung exhaust, i was lucky to find an original exhaust pipe from the manifold to the muffer, if i didnt find one i would have just went to the nearest muffler/exhaust shop and had one bent up, should'nt cost that much if i had it done that way
  7. Click on the website I posted, look in the upper right hand corner, search parts, punch in your part numbers and it will show which warehouse has the part. Call that warehouse and speak to a person who they deal with and order from them your parts
  8. https://www.depotparts.com/ you can call them up and they can tell you who has a dealership that you can order parts through
  9. parts depot has both of those parts , one of each , if you need them better act fast on it
  10. My was done in a nice shop that still does old radiators, it cost me $600.
  11. get it recored , good for another 50 years ,
  12. Sure no problem. Everybody should get one and do that trick. Worth its weight in gold
  13. searcyfarms, heres a picture of my IH504 with the floorboard removed to show you the 1/2 NPT site glass installed , theres no fluid showing because i had to jack up the left side and take my tire off
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