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  1. gmcdeadhead

    C152 H

    i always used my top petcock as the full mark, better to have a little more oil than a little low, love the trump/farmall pictures
  2. gmcdeadhead

    C152 H

    what happens if you use the top petcock to use as your fill mark for the oil on a good gas engine instead of the bottom one? i think your only adding another quart more at best, i dont see where it would hurt it any, any thoughts?
  3. has anybody taken the c153 to a machine shop for a rebore? how was the experiance? i no you cant say how many hours you can get out of the engine before a rebore , considering how the owner or previous owner beat the tractor up , but how many hours till a rebore if you took care of the tractor ?
  4. there used to be a dozen machine shops around by me years back , nowadays you cant find one , and a good one for that matter , we used to take truck and car engine blocks to be redone at the shops , now you can buy everything from a catalog and online .
  5. if the cost wasn't so dam high at the machine shops, considering you find a good shop , it would be worth it to keep those motors
  6. nice, i guess besides the engine being cheaply made , how would the rest of the tractor rate?
  7. now would you say to stay away from models with a no sleeve engine?
  8. would anybody no the reason why IH did not make all there gas motors with sleeves? for example , why wasn't the 504 c153 engine without sleeves?
  9. ive seen those rifles before , yours looks like its in nice shape , i would'nt mind having one.
  10. just wondering, what would be the rarest international harvester collectible ?
  11. its called a wedge washer #11 in the picture
  12. is that the c-153 gas engine you have in there? if so how do you like it? how many hours on the motor? and has it ever been rebuilt?
  13. The 504 I was interested in was a couple hours away, had the guy send pictures and was on the phone with him. Said it was his uncles until he passed away, from the pictures it looks in good shape. Might even be the original tires in it , tach gauge lens is clear , metal is all nice. Had a loader on it Might be IH loader. Said he would take 1500 cash.
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