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  1. Each (left and right) pump has a built in valve lever that connects to the linkage. I worked those valves by hand when I had it torn down. No detent or home in those. Maybe the linkage or control tower had one at one time. Not anymore if it did. Also a bit scary that it doesn't have springs to home the controls.
  2. There may be something wrong with my setup then because there is no neutral detent. I'll have to look carefully at the linkage and see if its there, but worn or if I can rig something in.
  3. It still does it even if I restart within a minute or two. Its worst if the engine doesn't start immediately (seems to intensify with more cranking). The linkage is a little sloppy for what it's worth.
  4. I can shut off the engine making sure I'm in dead neutral and restart (still in neutral) and the T handle goes crazy when restarting. It also tries to move and stalls the engine before it can fully fire. Where do I start to look? I have replaced the filters and made sure there's plenty of fluid. Non stock items: Diesel engine swapped in. Hydraulic reservoir moved above the door. 25 micron lube filter in the tank (on the pickup).
  5. Ill bet you're right and the chatter is either the hydrostatic pumps/motors are leaking down or the big filter is plugged. I just bought new filters and going to see what happens. It is in neutral when cranking (until the chattering starts then it's all over the place).
  6. Today it seemed to run a little better. However! When I start the engine, the hydrostatic control chatters back and forth with force while the engine cranking until it starts. After this it smooths out. I have 7 gallons of fluid or at least did. I need to check again after its operated a bit. Would a plugged filter affect engine stalling when full forward? It is wide open throttle by the way.
  7. The diesel is a 21hp (some of the Onans were also 21hp). The torque should be a bit higher than the Onans on my diesel. I can stall the engine. So barring a hydraulic issue at full tilt on the forward T handle, something must be wrong with the engine. I don't know a ton about hydrostatic drive, but I should be able to give it 100%, correct? Is there a 'too far' on the drive motor levers/linkage?
  8. I just put a 1 liter 3 cylinder diesel in my old 4130 and it works ok. It's not a fast machine, but as long as I don't max out the forward linkage to the pumps, it will tick along. Is it possible that I have the linkage too far forward causing the pump to sort of dead head with more flow than the motor can handle or over pressure in some way? The engine is new to me so I don't know the history. It doesn't smoke and sounds fine.
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