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  1. I got new tires, and im about to attempt to put new seals on the swing motors, backhoe.
  2. Thanks trucker ill follow up on those tomorrow.
  3. Ok i need help identifying a few things: 1:Switch under steering wheel is toggle in any 360deg direction?? What is it 2: wire was connected to silver round sensor thingy. When i put in oil filter the wire disconnected(broke). Location: on engine block below oil filter right in front of tranny case. That bolt on the left or just below the wite is the transfer/tranny case attached to the block. 3:back in the cab, right next to the parking break, but under the right side dash-under the spot for oil level indicator is this clear tube cap thingy.... was so caked i didnt even know it
  4. If you allready figured its not any blockages try reaching out to a few of these guys Thanks dennis. I did contact them(i contacted nearly every single thing that came up on google!! Even the obvious fake ones) i do believe they helped or were a key part in what i know so far, but cant remember who is what at this point. I literally have 3 companies searching for answers or products. I really need those rings i believe mine are kinda to loose. This NH company is local to me and is being SUPER SUPPORTIVE. https://www.winmillequipment.net/default.htm And NY osc" http://oscequi
  5. Hey joe . Did you allready try bleeding purging and new filters?
  6. Ugliest welds i have seen or done. But it will work for learning first time arc welding practically upside down on a vertical surface. I like auto feed mig better 😝
  7. Thumb getting attached and also lots of other welding around the machine. Took the batteries out of the box on side and kinda surprised they havent fallen through yet its nearly rusted through everything. Gonna have to make a new box i think.
  8. Wow i know nothing but that is kinda neat someone put a bucket on that thing🤯
  9. Where are u located? And any more specs on the machine and parts that are damaged?
  10. The chains dragged on inside of fender sooo bad it drove me 🤯. So those came off quick. But im gonna need them come snow. I looked at the wheel wells, and though there is some bent areas in there im thinking primarily these tires are wider than necessary? And ideas? The chains rubbed so much they wore through some links completely. i just did an oil change and saw the main frame supports that run along from the transmission mounts to the backhoe mount, the bolts were barely on! Tightened those up RIGHT AWAY! So things i have done in the month or so i have had it. new wat
  11. Ok so i started a thread with more background info, and the research i did on the harmonic damper, and you can find that here. But as i continue on the tractor ill share it here.. this is what it looked like when i started using it. And it was sitting for about 2years.
  12. Thanks everyone. I do hope it will help others, and i do hope it will be a lasting fix. My biggest worry is that the old pulley and the nos damper were not balanced together, as one unit, and may cause a unoticable wobble and wear the bearings at camshaft.(also im sure replacing those bearing i wont be able to do! Or find) They were balanced with their previous parts and seemed balanced separatly as well, but it was gonna be another 2weeks down and another 200+ for a balancing. And the guys at the shop i bought it from were pretty adamant that it wassnt necessary. 🤞🤞 But ill start
  13. This is the nos damper attached to my pulley on the engine. It took two attempts to install damper on camshaft end, cause of awkward angle and wedge ring alignment. And two alignment tries. The damper has alot of play over the shaft and the wedge rings hold it tight wether its crooked or straight. Tightening the bolts and retaining spacer, doesnt push the damper on or to the back of the spacer(against block) where the key pin is. So you have to push the the first inner wedge ring, (book sais second wedge ring next) on the shaft, then the second outer ring put in the damper, cause getting the d
  14. Whoop!! I stopped in at https://www.winmillequipment.net/locations.htm near me as i headed to the post office to drop the damper in the mail... and in some deep dark corner long forgotten!! They found a damper!! It had double pulley on it but pulled that off and threw on my single pulley a whalla!! All back together and ready to install. Winmill had the patience to listen and alot of experienced experts. Old timers!" The best form of experts. Lol😆 case shop near me in concord snubbed their nose so hard when i walked in, I'm sure he got a nose bleed. A few random th
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