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  1. thanks John. I adjusted it on the Peddle so there is as much throw as possible but it made zero difference. Still a work in progress, since I don't seem to have much time to work on it right now. Frustrating though. Thanks again.
  2. The clutch releases enough that by pushing the clutch in, the tractor will actually stop moving. A bit of brake helps, but once stopped, it won't move until I release the clutch. It is staying engaged enough that it grinds the gears when trying to change, but not engaged enough to move the tractor (if that makes sense) at lower RPM.
  3. I sprayed up into the clutch to see if that would let it release if it was rusted and won't release because of that. Make sense?
  4. thanks MATT. I will hook onto something and drag it around with the clutch depressed. Good idea.
  5. Thanks IOWABOY. I'll try that when I get a chance. That is kind of what I was wondering about and appreciate the first person experience. Doug
  6. Hi Guy's. I have an IH 674 that the clutch was changed a couple years ago and then never used. I bought it and it doesn't release when the clutch peddle is depressed to the bottom. I have adjusted it to have the longest throw possible and it still stays somewhat engaged. The only way to shift gears (without grinding the crap out of the gears) is to shut the engine off, shift and start it up again. I have sprayed WD40 into the access panel under the clutch assembly, but nothing. Any ideas or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all. I have an IH 674 that the previous owner said he replaced the clutch plate and ground the flywheel. He didn't run it much after that (over a year ago). The problem is the tractor runs fine but when the clutch is depressed it stays engaged. The only way to change gears or direction is to shut the tractor off, change gears and start it up again. I have the inspection plate off and have sprayed it with WD40 and am hoping the throw out bearing is just stuck on the shaft and won't slide. No change. Any ideas? It's a great little tractor but not really usable. Any help would be appreciated.
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