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  1. I did some talking to my dad and I'm pretty sure this was my grandfather's old tractor if anyone knows Ron or the guy that posted this I'd be really happy to talk to them
  2. Yes that's the post my grandfather worked for international for quite a few years and had a 40 that he pulled with do you know where the tractor from this post is located?
  3. I know it was archived back in 2007 but there was a user that had a post about a wk40 with a truck engine from Kansas user name was 1206swmo he said that the tractor was in Kansas the time of the pics I'd like to visit with him if he would by chance still be on here there is a very good chance that the tractor was my grandfather's he had one that he pulled with and also a wk40 that was restored to original I was young when they were both sold if that user is still on here please contact me Thanks, Alex
  4. I have recently purchased a 22-36 that is an older restoration and is in pretty good shape but I'm missing the louvered side panels for the engine I can find them for a 10-20 but they are different and suggestions? The tractor was converted to the upright exhaust but I'd be happy to find anything even if they have the hole for the factory exhaust Thanks, Alex
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