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  1. Sounds great, I'll def earmark and keep those on hand for quick reference. It is a little tougher than I would have thought trying to research and find what different models came off the assembly line equipped with ! Thanks!
  2. Does anyone recommend a specific website, book or other resource for identifying specific features of each year of production for Farmall letter series tractors? You can google pics and such but often times people will just replace something for what they prefer, regardless if it is what that tractor may have originally been outfitted with. For example, I have a 1953 Super M and a 1945 B and want to keep them to factory specs and equipment and thought it would be cool to have a resource that would show what breather or seat etc. a year/model would have most likely come from the factory with.
  3. Just wondering if I can run one of these lines to the rear as a remote? Looking at it, it appears they have running to the reservoir and not sure if this setup can be altered or if it would need to be left alone? Don’t need a remote for any purpose but it would be nice to have. Thanks!
  4. I am always up for a an easier project so I will def give that a whirl, appreciate the insight and information!
  5. I have the chance to buy a super clean 1948 Farmall M from a now retired 95 year old farmer. Great sheet metal, no leaks, working lights, pto etc....all the things you would like to see. He said it never sat out over night and was always shedded and runs great. The only thing it does not have is a hydraulic belly pump. Somewhere years back, he can't recall, the pump was removed. I can get it for an excellent price ($900) and am just curious as to how much of a pain it would be (labor and $$ wise) to put a pump back in it? Never messed with this area of the Ms and would appreciate any ide
  6. Got the info for the H/Super H passed to me on the blocks to identify the differences, appreciate the help!
  7. Trying to find engine casting numbers to identify the block/engine that were in the Super models. I had a guy trying to sell me a Super H some time back and upon further review and the help of a guy who sent me the casting numbers, I was able to determine the block was from a standard H and not a Super H.
  8. I was curious what the engine block casting numbers were for both the Super H and Super M Farmalls. I had a reference guide previously that I was given to help me identify an engine on a Super H I was looking to purchase that turned out to be an engine from a regular Farmall H. I cannot locate this reference guide and was wondering what the numbers were to help someone easily identify whether an engine is belonging to a Super or if it is just a "plain Jane". Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info! So am I correct to assume the horizontal setups were original and the vertical distributors, like a Delco, were aftermarket from the dealer or elsewhere? Guess not being well versed with the ole Farmalls I never paid much attention til now when considering the trade offer for the narrow front M.
  10. Just curious and wanted to get some thoughts on distributor location on a Farmall M, specifically on a 1944. I have a 1940 and the location of the distributor is different than on the 44 and most of the pics I have seen show it located in the same horizontal position as my 40. I have seen a few pics of distributors positioned in the vertical position on some 48 and 49s. Was this easily changed based on personal preference or was this changed in later models? Haven't gotten the engine casting numbers yet to see if it's a different year motor for the tractor. The guy wants to trade his narr
  11. I talked to some different folks and done a bit of research and have found a lot of suggestions for 15 W 40. I'll give that a shot or roll with 30#. Appreciate the suggestions sir!
  12. Hi folks, I just bought a running 1953 Super H for a great deal. It runs pretty smooth and one of the first things I would like to do is to do a little tune-up. Change oil, plugs, wires, radiator flush etc. We have an old M, Super C and B on the farm but I have never really tinkered with these old classics. I am just curious for recommendations from guys on what oil you use, spark plugs, plug wires and such. I'll get her painted and such this winter but in the meantime will use for some light mowing and raking. Appreciate any input from the experts! Thanks!
  13. I am looking at buying a 1950 Farmall M and being unfamiliar with Farmalls, am wondering about hydraulics. It doesn't have any hydraulic hoses and I am not seeing any fittings anywhere that would give evidence of previously having hydraulic hoses anywhere. Is there a good way to try and verify whether the tractor did have hydraulics (is there a specific lever to engage if it did?) or not? Otherwise, how difficult and costly would it be to do this addition? Thanks very much!
  14. Agreed! Thanks Tom, maybe it'll go under the radar. ha
  15. I shutter to ask this as after reading some forums and the near nuclear discussion that takes place! lol I am not an old Farmall guy but have inherited five Farmalls that were purchased new back in the day by my grandpas and my dad (B, Super C, 230, M, Super M) and used on the farm. I am working on the 230 now and planned to run a low ash 30 weight oil in it. Do any of you folks have a recommendation for a good 30 wt oil for these old Farmalls or have other suggestions? It won't get heavy work but will be used for some mowing and raking from time to time along with pulling a wagon or runn
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