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  1. I have used fr8star to haul 3 tractors for me. As long as you can be somewhat flexible on day to pick up and deliver they worked well. After you get the broad range of prices to haul, click for a specific quote, and you will have 5 or 6 solid bids to haul your tractor in a day. You can then choose which one you want. In terms of weight and size I have found them to be much more particular on actual dimension and not so much on weight. Also they are insured for the cargo. Always a big plus! Good luck!
  2. Hi all. First thanks for letting me be part of this group. I have been reading a lot of the threads the past month. I recently bought a 1486 and I believe the rpm transducer is bad. I read through another post that talked about testing them with ohms, voltage output when the tractor is running, adjusting the depth and have completed those with no fix to the problem. Question. There are two wires going into the transducer. Should either of those wires have 12 volt power to it? Or are both wires an output for the transducer. Thanks!
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