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  1. Yes a 14.9 on 14s is allowed , if I had 14.9s on 16 inch rims that is illegal
  2. Well wouldn’t it be like having 15.5s, from what I’ve heard is that 14.9s on 14 inch rims look like 15.5s but taller, so why would 14.9s on 14 rims hurt the bead if 15.5s wouldn’t.
  3. “Rim width may not be wider than tires being used” that’s quoted right from the rule book.
  4. That is against the rules in my league for the stock class
  5. I got a 400 and I have 14inch rims on the rear from when the tractor had 15.5s on it. I have a set of 14.9 x 38 Firestone field and road tires for it and I know the back tires will flatten out more then 14.9s on 12 inch rims. I want to have it either sitting level or have a forward lean for pulling, so what front tire size would I need to have the tractor sitting level. I currently have 6.00-16s on 5 inch rims.
  6. It already has that, but thank you none the less
  7. Modify the pump in what way. Turn up the fuel?
  8. I am going to be putting a IH turbo in the d282 in my 560 for pulling(the d282 is out of a 656). What all changes would I have to make, I know if it’s a IH turbo you have to cut a hole in the sheet metal, but I’ve heard that you should upgrade the head gasket and head bolts. Also how much hp could I get out of it. I’m planning on keeping the engine stock, besides the upgrades for the turbo.
  9. Do you know what size it is?
  10. Could you upload some pictures
  11. So I was aumann auctions when I saw a 450 that was for sale(it has since been sold). It had 14.9 x 38s on the rear, but what I was wondering was what size the rims are because I wanted to do the same setup for my 400. They’re definitely not 12”, but I don’t think they’re 14” either. So could anyone tell me what they think it might be. I put some picture for people to get a better look.
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