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  1. my 7220 also seems to get worse as the system heats up.this whine has developed in the last 2 years and does go away as the year goes by until I use the 3 pth on something heavy like the plow or land plane and it returns.causes damage to the lines,replaced 4 lines already.does your 8910 go quiet when the 3 point hitch arms are raised?
  2. 7220 caseih magnum has whine or vibration in the hydraulics.at 1400 rpm it gets more noticeable until over 1700 then get quieter or drowns out .the lines around the pump vibrate enough that I have lines leaking.the mechanic thought cavitation but there is no chatter of the remotes steering or 3 pth.however when the 3 pth arms are raised the system goes quiet until the arms stop then the whine returns.the 3 pth has been recalibrated twice and no codes show up either.i'm thinking there is pressure on the hydraulic circuit and lifting the 3 pth arm gives the oil a place to go until the arms stop.
  3. 7220 magnum 1993 occasionally has a whine in the hydraulics causing vibration of the lines.it gets worse at 1400 rpm then at 1700 or so it quiets down or drowns out.the hydraulics do go quiet when the 3pth arms are raised.once they stop the whine returns.this whine is causing line leak problems from the vibration.i do not think it is cavitation as the stee.any thoughtsring nor 3 pth chatter when activated and there are no codes with the 3pth.any thoughts on possible issues would like to hear.
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