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  1. At least it's not a dayton hub. Air brakes are less messy too! What was wrong with spindle ? Did bearing cut into bottom side ? On the old Chevy's most had tapered king pins with plastic bushings from the factory. What king pins will you use ? Kaiser no ream?
  2. That 700 semi mount would be 1206 vintage so owning one to be period correct for a 1206 is a good excuse to buy it. Otherwise for a plow to use a 720 auto 18" is pretty hard to beat.
  3. The second to last picture....is that a solar turbo?
  4. Sorry for your loss . I lost my dad to cancer just over a year ago. I miss his advise( kinda like a devils advocate ... this or that might go wrong). I find myself talking to him sometimes.
  5. After your post I became curious and looked on some recent replacement parts. The coulters in photo were purchased August 2020 from dealer and are earth metal labeled. I rebladed my 490 disk in 2018 and those are labeled earth metal. The new shins , landsides and moldboards I have in stock are not .
  6. So what timeline applies to these bottoms vs. plowchief vs. the Super Chief moldboard ? In PO-6 parts book for HSKA bottoms it shows a frog that wraps around standard , heels on land side and a draw bolt to pull share tight to moldboard. My No. 8 plows have that except they are slat bottom. The plows we use are Super Chief bottoms with that cam on the bolt to tip moldboard if desired. When did that begin ?
  7. From the photo the share looks like Plow Chief bottom. On your bracket up towards top link of three point looks like adjustable bottom decal ?
  8. Not for sure but maybe early 2000's. The last plows were made by Art's Way equipment company in western Iowa. Art's Way still make roll over plows.
  9. Also , 463237R2 16" Heavy Duty upset shares are called "Rock Lathes" many times around here. Maybe that's the ticket.
  10. Absent Minded Farmer, IH plow parts book PO 10 has Super Chief and Terra Flo bottoms and parts in it. Like 856 says look up moldboards on CIH website under 7500 plow. I didn't know there ever was Earth Metal plow shares ? Earth Metal moldboards , shins , coulters and so on are not made anymore as far as I know. The parts sold through CaseIH dealers last pretty good , that's what I've been using.
  11. Take that timing window off after turning off fuel at tank . Inside the timing window is where timing marks are for pump. Cam ring sits still and drive hub turns with engine. Turn engine by hand until those two line up before removing. It'll be a nightmare timing it up later if you don't. Tie throttle lever on pump wide open with wire or plastic tie or something. I don't remember if that's a retained shaft or not but good habit to get into is always tie throttle lever wide open when removing or installing pump.
  12. Something plugged that return fitting. Find out what it is by taking timing window off side of injection pump. Fuel will run out along with coffee grounds if it is as everyone expects , flex ring failure. The Roosa Master needs to come all apart to fix that. Pump shops run pump on test bench when finished. See the electric test bench turns pump to check fuel output at different speeds and some other settings. One of them is to see if governor closes metering valve at speeds above the throttle lever setting on pump. High idle in other words. When I worked at a fuel shop I never saw it happen but if you mess up the governor somehow , you can have a runaway. Give a diesel fuel it tries to run faster. The governor of pump closes metering valve and limits RPM. It would be sad to have a mishap and blow up the little engine.
  13. ^^^^^this. Call them again.
  14. When deciding about buying the deep treads , dealer tried selling me Michelin Agri bib 2. Dealer said they had better luck with the stubble damage warranty from Michelin vs. Firestone. I chose Firestone DT because the Michelin had 2 or 3 fewer lugs around circumference of tire. Guess what, one spring season and I had an inside flat , stubble went through Firestone tire. Tractor used on chiseled bean stubble and plowed and V ripped corn stalks.
  15. Just some info for you all. Last year I replaced the tires on 9380 and wanted 20.8 -42 Firestone deep treads like the other tractor has. Got them from dealer who had three tires , 8 month old brand new in stock. Dealer got the rest fresh from Firestone Des Moines. The "new " Deep Treads were 2" narrower at tread than new old stock. Fit 18" wide rim fine but tread was narrower. He got them back and found 5 new old stock somewhere that matched. Good luck.
  16. I don't know off top of my head.... does 1456 and 1466 use same air filter element and same filter housing? Will 1466 housing let filter come out of hood on 56 series through the opening Harvester made on left side?
  17. Have you seen this tractor? What's up with no breather? Makes me think the project isn't finished
  18. Prayers sent to all involved
  19. The advance piston is what you're pointing at. I don't remember for sure but some pumps on Farmalls called for a specific dimension (length) setting of that trimmer screw then adjustments to the advance were done with shims under the cap. If you've not gone through that pump in the last 3000 hours or so it might be good to put a new elastrometric ring in weight retainer . This leak is a good reason to take pump to fuel shop. Maybe the nozzles too.
  20. Where is the Roosa Master leaking from exactly ? It has bean fuzz stuck on it up to the throttle shaft. If leak is at throttle maybe try fixing on tractor , but if its around the advance piston ( the cap with trimmer screw in it ) maybe best to tie throttle lever wide open and take off. If leak is at timing window just change that rubber.Have you had it worked on before?
  21. Do you have to select pulse output from your GPS ? I run my Raven with an Ag Leader 500 light bar for speed input (distance measurement for Raven ) and it must be set at 44mzh to work.
  22. Didn't notice from first photo that your F-20 is a narrow tread too! Boy you've got all kinds of special on that F-20. Your gas manifold is different than my F-20 as well . The pipe leading away is offset to fit hood. The F-20's I have use a straight pipe up from manifold and fits hood anyway. That muffler looks like what was first used when they muffled F series , short , fat with bulging ends on body of muffler. I like your tractor , she's all tricked out.
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