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  1. When I worked in the diesel shop I put together many many Roosa pumps. As others have said you use the true arc snap ring pliers. Only thing different I was taught by my boss and DIS in Sun Prairie was to put one tip in little hole in rivet of weight retainer and other tip in hole of flex ring then rotate or twirl snap ring pliers until all around rivet. Boom they were on.
  2. Which aux box does the GMC have ? The 6041? I like their remote control shifter pattern over 7041's. The photo of the drive tires shows tube type tires...oh boy!
  3. Come on you guys........1206 open station ,axle duals and 10 suit case weights. '66 or '67 with the badge on radiator panel.
  4. I love it.... get some of that property settlement money back! Also , if elastometric ring fails you'll see what looks like coffee grounds when you take timing window cover off. That's what is plugging return fitting.
  5. Woodchuck killer.....good dog ,gooood dog.
  6. Two sets of flow meters. What products are you guys putting down? A pop up orthophosphate and maybe UAN 2 by 2?
  7. Daddy's money.....excellent tune to plant by.....I miss the 90's
  8. I have used a product made by Turtle Wax co. called "color back". I don't know if that is what you used in the past or not , but it's meant to be put on and rubbed off by hand. It works...sorta. Have you tried rubbing with mineral spirits (paint thinner)?
  9. I was fearful of this very nonsense so I bought a steer from neighbor. Luckily it goes to locker May 17th.......some lockers here are out into next year for butchering.
  10. When the impulse clicks ( unwinds) it spins the generating part of mag fast enough to generate a spark while hand cranking. Not sure if it's always number one but if mag is timed correctly whatever cylinder is supposed to get spark does. An F-20 or any old Farmall using an F-4 mag should fire and start
  11. .....and don't tell me the load shaft seals are leaking.......HAHAHAHA
  12. Most one way truck hoists I was ever around have an air bleed at top of cylinder somewhere. Some have an allen screw with a ball beneath to press against seat so don't lose that.
  13. If your 720 toggle trip has the toggles that sit at an angle it should. According to CaseIH parts catalog the beam is the same part number (122965C2). If your 720 has toggles that lay flat they are different part numbers.
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