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  1. Larry Porter lives here by me in Worth county. They have good stuff and have contracts with Deere. I have used their cab kits and was happy.
  2. Man your 710 plow is crying for new coulter blades
  3. I got a harness for an early 4020 there years ago. The cab came off and fenders put on and needed that part of harness. I was very satisfied
  4. You could use the ordinary landside and pad on last bottom and the plow will work. My 710 5-18's auto that my dad bought new August 1974 has that big landside . Dad always wanted it that way , felt it helped plow run straight and make a square furrow.My plow parts book calls the one you have #490 422 R1.
  5. Hex shaped dies are great if they fit a normal size socket. Old Sears were that way.
  6. The Steiger with 10 18's burns about 2.5 gallon per acre plowing. 9380 is similar. DMI 730 ripper causes them to use 2.8 gallons of diesel per acre tilled. If I remember correctly 4440 with 5 18's 710 took 3 + gallon/ acre. A Farmall would do somewhat better than JD 466.
  7. It is true , #122 829 c1 was the number for beam extension 6 x 6 18" tube assy. . Enough for one more trip assembly and bottom. Just add the upper and lower plates to connect, a coulter assembly and a trip beam . Also must extend your steering tube and tie rod.
  8. I have a 12 volt and a 14.4 volt Alemite grease guns and like them very much. Had junk batteries for both and contacted Bluff Valley Battery of Hammond Wisconsin about fixing them and they put new little batteries in them for half of what Alemite wanted . Maybe he can fix up your charger.
  9. When I worked in the diesel shop I put together many many Roosa pumps. As others have said you use the true arc snap ring pliers. Only thing different I was taught by my boss and DIS in Sun Prairie was to put one tip in little hole in rivet of weight retainer and other tip in hole of flex ring then rotate or twirl snap ring pliers until all around rivet. Boom they were on.
  10. Which aux box does the GMC have ? The 6041? I like their remote control shifter pattern over 7041's. The photo of the drive tires shows tube type tires...oh boy!
  11. Come on you guys........1206 open station ,axle duals and 10 suit case weights. '66 or '67 with the badge on radiator panel.
  12. I love it.... get some of that property settlement money back! Also , if elastometric ring fails you'll see what looks like coffee grounds when you take timing window cover off. That's what is plugging return fitting.
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