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  1. This pulley is cast so I am trying to be careful. My mistake, it is not a steering wheel puller, rather a gear puller. The puller I have will not grab the hub on the back side. It would only grab the spokes which are too fragile. May be able to put some steel behind the hub to grab with it. I wasn't if there was a specific tool for this job.
  2. I did remove the center bolt. Unfortunately I don't have a belt to put it under a load. Will try some heat next.
  3. Any suggestions for removing a stuck flat belt pulley on a '47 A? Light tapping while under tension did not work. My steering wheel puller didn't work either. Just afraid of cracking it. Need to remove for a leaking seal behind it.
  4. Could anyone please tell me what the thread size is on the forward draw bar bolts on a 1947 A? These are the ones in the blind holes. I need to get a tap to clean up rust and dirt from the threads before I try to run bolts in the holes.
  5. Thank you! It must be the transmission leaking since the leak is fresh fluid. Had no (visible) fluid in it when I bought it. I just put in 1.5 gallons and started to see this leak. On Saturday I was going to drive it to a local event but that idea is out now.
  6. Is this hole a vent? I just refilled my transmission and now have fluid leaking out here. I'm guessing the seal on the side of the transmission is bad? I ordered a manual but it hasn't arrived yet.
  7. I just picked up this 5 foot finish mower from a friend who had acquired it with a Farmall Cub. I would like to use it on my '47 Farmall A. Can anyone identify the manufacturer? It doesn't appear to be a Woods brand. My tractor does not have the PTO pulley and when looking at pulleys online, there seem to be different sizes for different decks.
  8. New to Farmall's here. I recently picked up a 1947 Model A and got it running again. I'm looking to mount a belly mower on it but have no linkage for this. I'm seeing reference to a Lift-All system that uses exhaust pressure, and a hydraulic system. I don't have the provision on the manifold for the Lift-All system and would rather not mess with the manifold. Is there a manual lift arm or system for this? Or can the Lift All system be used manually? Thanks, Jim
  9. Thanks guys for the replies. The steering box does have too much play in it so I could see it wobbling on the road. For now I'll leave the welded bolts on it.
  10. Last weekend I picked up this 1947 Farmall A project. It is clean but not currently running. Previous owner said that it ran but started running lousy. I found the screen missing in the sediment bowl so I suspect a dirty carb. Rebuild kit just arrived along with some other new parts to correct the fuel system. Two questions; 1. Does anyone recognize what the two threaded rods would be for that were welded to the front axle and steering arm? 2. What are the correct bolts for the drawbar? Currently it is flopping around on only the two rear bolts which don't look correct. Front
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