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  1. This is my TD6-62 with a Drott 4 in 1 loader bucket.
  2. Well there goes my idea to push trees over, Thanks you just saved me from "hey check this out" being my last words.
  3. My cell phone got the same treatment when I ran it over with my TD-62, didn't even notice it until I saw all the smoke.
  4. Wow crazy! I really appreciate the help, I am going to get a couple of new batteries probably this weekend and I'll have to fab some hold downs as mine are gone, yours look great. Now I'll have to trace my battery cables as both go to the Starter, the ground to a mounting bolt and the other to the Starter post. Nice Rig you got there, mines a lot rougher but still works for what I want it to do. I'll try to post some pics of mine I know everybody likes pics and even though mine is rough I am still kinda stoked about being the only guy ion the block with a crawler. Paul
  5. Thanks, My machine is negative ground , it appears from the photo that your ground strap is connected to the negative terminal of the first battery? some previous owner did a little back yard wiring and I may have to rewire it. I had to replace the glow plug switch, which may have contributed to the no start condition but all is well now. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it very much Paul
  6. Well I got my crawler started today, It's been warm, I haven't got the new batteries yet but they are on the list. I noticed the ground strap on yours Mr. Figone and I am going to be replacing my current ground strap which is welding cable and grounded to a starter mounting bolt at this moment, Do you happen to know the thread/pitch of the bolt securing your ground strap to the body? also I noticed what appears to be a terminal block with 5 or 6 connections fwd of the battery, do you happen to know what that is for or if it is even stock? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. I tried the search function for this but no joy. Right now I have a group 27 automotive Battery in the old Drott but while it started fine last year it is notgetting the job done after being dormant for the winter, I tried starting it during the winter but it didn't have the power even after a full charge so I am looking for a good replacement. What are you guys running in yours? Thanks
  8. been busy lately, sorry for the long absence, I agree with J-Mech, we use a product called duraloy at work and while we use it for non load bearing surfaces I have noticed that the mix is very critical and that even when done well it still fails occasionally and I believe this is made more for the type of application you guys are talking about ( keyway repair) and I have resigned myself to a rebuild and crank keyway recut any way.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the help. this cub is going to be mostly for mowing and hauling brush around the yard so I wasn't going to hot rod it, just get it back to good working order so it will last and not unnecessarily eat parts. The way I figure it I can pay roughly $1000 for a box store mower or put money into a mower that will probably outlast me if I do it right and is in the scope of my mechanical abilities.
  10. J-Mech, Yep, hindsight and all that, As far as the shape of the engine goes it runs and I've cut some grass with it, that being said the whole machine has been sorely neglected, i.e. missing parts frozen spindles on the mower deck and just general neglect. I have been able to rectify a lot of the neglect with healthy doses of grease and spray lube but since I don't know how long it's been run without a clutch pedal return spring and various other parts of differing importance I was planning on doing a bit of work on it anyway, just not overhauling the engine quite yet, and after re
  11. I wish I had taken pics, but the key itself was welded into the key-way and I was able to pull the hub/pulley off once I ground a piece of weld off that was in front of it. thats when I found out that the key was welded in on one side which i cut with a Dremel tool and chiseled out. I wasn't intending to take the pulley off at all but found the PTO bearing to be rough and dragging so after I got that off and found the weld bead in front of the pulley I had to take it off to find out what was going on there. In retrospect I should probably have let it as is as it was doing fine until the PTO sp
  12. Man would I hate to see the divorce!!!
  13. Thanks! That just made life easier, I honestly don know why I hadn't Thought about that myself.
  14. Hello, I'm new to Cadets but work on my Father in laws Cub and I have a TD-62 so you could say I kinda like Internationals. my problem is my new to me Cadet 128 spit a front PTO bolt and upon disassembly among other things I found that someone in its past had welded the crankshaft key in place on the crank. After some grinding and a few whacks with a chisel I found that the key-way is all torn out on the welded side. to be fair some of it could have been from chiseling the weld off, but the weld is there for some reason so? it looks like a rebuild will be in order anyway so I was th
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