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  1. Break-in oil has a higher film coat for initial startup of a new or rebuilt engine. Higher levels of zinc and phosphorus is used to help the rings to seat more efficiently. Just wondering what was out there ?
  2. Does anyone have a preference on brand of break-in oil to be put in a rebuilt DT414 ?
  3. Looking for information on where to buy an overhaul kit for a DT414. Abilene machine has the best price but I question the quality. I understand there is a kit with four piston rings. Any suggestions on where to get a complete engine kit with gaskets
  4. I have a TD-15C that runs hot. I’ve checked all the obvious things but still runs hot . I’m calling running hot 215 to 220. I’m checking the temperature with a infrared digital heat sensor. Has anybody had trouble with the radiator fan with reverseable blades vs. the standard fan. Any comments would be appreciated . PS. The ambient temperature is in the 90s while working
  5. Does the DT 436 and DT 466 have history of running hot. I have a 466 in a international TD-15. It has issues of running hot doing lite work and forget about really pushing in summer months. Replaced everything over the years except the fan. It has reversible blades. And a 436 in my 1586. It gets hot as well. I use a infrared heat sensor to check the reading on temperature gauge. I’m considering hot being 215 to 220. Any suggestions?
  6. Are the crankshafts the same in the 436 vs. 466?, and did you use the same connecting rods? I thought they had different strokes.
  7. I’m currently rebuilding a DT414 out of my 1086 . I was considering putting a DT466 crank in , but wanted to know from someone that actually did this about the benefits or problems they experienced. This tractor is used for medium to light duty work.
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