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  1. TA is working but nothing sayings it wasn’t fixed before I got it. Thanks.
  2. Here is a pic of the mystery pin next to a tape measure. I aligned the two pieces as best I could. Everything does work other than the pto won’t completely shut down unless I hold pressure on the lever. Thanks for the input it’s a big help!
  3. I bought a 1962 International 606 and in the process of changing fluids and filters. When pulling the hydraulic filter out these two pieces of pin were laying in the filter housing. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  4. Epjisme


    Thanks for the input. I guess the best thing is to try some different combinations before I mount the tires and see which looks best. Thanks again.
  5. Epjisme


    I recently purchased an IH 606 with power adjust wheels. They are loaded with calcium and as you can guess are pretty much shot. I got a set of discs and rims and was curious as to the position to mount them. Disc with dome in or out and then what position for the 6 loop rim? I’m pretty sure I want to keep the valve stem out for easier access but that still leaves a couple options. Reusing the tires with new tubes. Thanks.
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