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  1. Where are you located? I've never been opposed to a road trip within reason....
  2. There are some compelling reasons given not to do it And some that are downright REDICULOUS. Maybe I will just bolt the front of the hydro 100 up to the rear of the 806.....
  3. We have a big tank and the hoses to fill propane but it just seems like a PITA if you're just running one LP tractor. If you had a whole fleet of them, that would be different. I'm also spread out over 30 miles and a drag up tank full of diesel stays in the back of the pickup...
  4. I have two big tractor scrap yards within 100 miles. If I can trade them the cab for a set of fenders and the motor for some other small parts I may need for the conversion, I will be happy. I'm sure some of you will be livid that my parts tractor for a lot of things is a hydro 100 with 5,xxx original hours on it! Someone decided to do some tillage with it and it didn't last long!!!
  5. Money being no object, there is always something better or easier out there. I already have the tractor and I already have 3 twelve valve Cummins waiting to go into something. If I were to forgo this project and sell the tractor, what could I expect it to bring?
  6. Then someone make an offer, otherwise it's getting a cummins and put to work. We aren't collectors around here. Every machine pulls it's weight!
  7. I recently aquired a very nice 806lp that I intend to convert to Cummins. It has 3900 original hours on it and everything works good. The engine runs good but has a lot of blowby. Is this normal for an 806lp? It also has a cab like I haven't seen before is has sliding doors on it. I'm going to sell the cab, the motor and the complete 2pt and drawbar that came off my 856. There isn't a lot of interest in the old internationals down here. A majority of ours ended up in Mexico! Where would y'all suggest advertising. Thanks
  8. I always expect to take a beating on a bull calf that alipped through the cracks....
  9. I will be converting my 806LP to 5.9 Cummins. The motor is solid with 39xx original hours on it. I would sell it for the price of the leahman conversion parts for the Cummins conversion.
  10. I don't think your plow is complete unfortunately. Since either has some sentimental value I would use it for yard art and buy a plow. A good 2 bottom like that can be found for $100 or a little more that's complete and ready to go.
  11. Looks like good work.... How many hours on the Cummins?
  12. It's a shame you don't have access to water. Those oats would graze a LOT OF CATTLE!
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