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  1. So everybody else knew when to hold em? Knew when to fold em?
  2. Farmer about 10 miles away used to own a dealership, and wound up with some very neat items. At his retirement auction they had a 7388 and a 7788, along with a few other IH tractors. I wasn't able to make it to the sale but it would have been amazing to see them in person. If memory serves I think one of the two may have gone to Australia?
  3. Canada West boots might be worth checking out. I bought a pair of cowboy boots there about 6 years ago and they get worn just about every day. I've had them resoled once and the leather just started to split by the toe, although that's mostly my fault. They make steel toes as well although I have yet to try a pair, and are made in Manitoba
  4. No scythes, but before she passed my Great Grandma gave me a set of shoes from the first team of horses my Great Grandpa bought in 1928.
  5. IH766

    Bear problems

    Love corn and oats. I saw a sow with three cubs running along the edge of my oats while I was swathing a few nights ago. Back when I was working as an agronomist I was scouting a canola field that was on the border of a national park and a cub popped his head up out of the canola, I high tailed it out of there pretty quick as I wasn't going to wait for mother to show up
  6. So I did a little bit more digging on the second picture. Turns out it's actually from about 5 miles away from where we farm now. He broke them and showed them at the provincial fair in the early 1900's
  7. The horse team looks a little "off"
  8. IH766

    Bear problems

    Sorry I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, I was just generally curious. We had decent luck with electric fencing but there was the odd troublemaker that had to be dealt with. If there's different methods I would definitely be all ears
  9. IH766

    Bear problems

    How would you go about bear proofing them?
  10. That will be Canadian, would work out to roughly $18,500 at todays exchange rate? If you deal with a customs broker I can't see it being a huge issue to get across
  11. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/winnipeg/extremely-rare-international-3488-hydro/1524579817 Not my add but there is one for sale up here. Quick 12 hour drive
  12. IH766

    Vermont plate?

    That's what JB Weld is for geez
  13. IH766

    Vermont plate?

    Probably self tappers- safety first
  14. Does anyone have experience with Hereford pigs? They seem to be popular with people that want to finish them on pasture.
  15. https://coffeeordie.com/operation-safety-net/
  16. What make/model of 3D printer are you guys using?
  17. If it's just for moving trailers etc. around what about something like this? Slips on real easy and could make it any length you want
  18. We have a 580B. Been a good unit so far. Only major issues we've had is the coupler from the hydraulic pump to the motor wearing down so the pump stops working. Sounds like a whine when you start it and the hydraulics are slow for the first couple minutes. Was an easy job to replace though Parts avaliability wasn't an issue for us, but finding someone knowledgeable enough to get the right parts has been challenging
  19. Probably topped with sour kraut... ba dum tss
  20. There's two around here, but the one is semi-mobile. He sets it up in an area and has farmers haul to him. The other unit has a color sorter as well, and they go straight to your yard to clean. They travel quite a bit too, but don't do much business locally it seems
  21. There's starting to be a demand for mobile cleaning up here. SMS manufacturing makes some pretty neat units, some with self contained offices etc. that are pulled by a semi. I think it would beat the heck out of having to haul into an elevator or seed plant to get it cleaned http://www.smsmanufacturing.ca/mobilegraincleaners.html
  22. Finished up last thursday. Just some ditches and a bit of pasture to cut. Maybe some second cut if we end up getting any rain
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