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  1. IH766

    Vermont plate?

    That's what JB Weld is for geez
  2. IH766

    Vermont plate?

    Probably self tappers- safety first
  3. Does anyone have experience with Hereford pigs? They seem to be popular with people that want to finish them on pasture.
  4. https://coffeeordie.com/operation-safety-net/
  5. What make/model of 3D printer are you guys using?
  6. If it's just for moving trailers etc. around what about something like this? Slips on real easy and could make it any length you want
  7. IH766

    Case 580D

    We have a 580B. Been a good unit so far. Only major issues we've had is the coupler from the hydraulic pump to the motor wearing down so the pump stops working. Sounds like a whine when you start it and the hydraulics are slow for the first couple minutes. Was an easy job to replace though Parts avaliability wasn't an issue for us, but finding someone knowledgeable enough to get the right parts has been challenging
  8. Probably topped with sour kraut... ba dum tss
  9. There's two around here, but the one is semi-mobile. He sets it up in an area and has farmers haul to him. The other unit has a color sorter as well, and they go straight to your yard to clean. They travel quite a bit too, but don't do much business locally it seems
  10. There's starting to be a demand for mobile cleaning up here. SMS manufacturing makes some pretty neat units, some with self contained offices etc. that are pulled by a semi. I think it would beat the heck out of having to haul into an elevator or seed plant to get it cleaned http://www.smsmanufacturing.ca/mobilegraincleaners.html
  11. Finished up last thursday. Just some ditches and a bit of pasture to cut. Maybe some second cut if we end up getting any rain
  12. I've been interested in these Churchill Edition shotguns. Apparently they're used up north here in MB to protect against polar bears. I tried one out a while back, nice and short and cycled fairly smooth, just didn't see the need for it at the time. I think it would be a handy little unit though https://www.cabelas.ca/product/107492/churchill-12-gauge-pump-action-shotgun
  13. Nothing like buying your beef preheated 🤢
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