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  1. I think something might have "tipped" them off that you were lying
  2. That's what happens when you talk about taco tractors
  3. Any tips on running the wiring? I've got a little control panel made up underneath the bale monitor that sits on the right side of the dash I'd like to hook it up to. Could a guy feed it through the post and into the cab?
  4. Has anyone on here mounted a light bar or anything similar on the roof of an 86 series? Due to work I end up feeding in the dark all winter, and with a bale on the loader it blocks most of the light. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a light higher up to see past the bale. Any tips on the best way to mount and wire it in without making a mess of it? Either on the roof or in between the flashers on the front of the cab I'm thinking, but if someone has done something different I'm all ears. Thanks
  5. We've actually got "covid camps" here in MB now Jake. Pallister says they're for people that have nowhere to go to quarantine. He also said today that if you go into someone else's home you will be fined. Although he provided no details on how they would ever enforce that. I'm all for respecting ones government, but they're quickly taking things way too far.
  6. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. - George Carlin
  7. If it's real cold I'll usually wear something like that inside of a chopper mitt. Can do most stuff around the farm with both on and then if needed can pull off the choppers and work for a little bit.
  8. Red River Valley as in southern Manitoba?
  9. IH766


    Think he could get the Del Grande to float??
  10. It might be worth checking with a local credit union if you have one. I'm not sure how it works in the U.S, but most credit unions up here have a wealth management team that deals with investments, Insurance, etc.
  11. I always thought an older filter like that and a 1/64 scale tractor on a nice stained piece of wood would be a neat pen holder for the office
  12. I can't remember what model now, but we used large stihl blowers at work to blow off and clean out track switches in the winter. Never seemed to have an issue with them and they moved quite a bit of snow.
  13. Guys that have been on here a lot longer than I can correct me, but it seems like before politics didn't seem to come up as much. Hence, not as many threads went poof. Now with with election it seems like every other post has to do with politics. I totally get that politics should be discussed, but the internet is a huge place and there's probably hundreds if not thousands of forums that discuss all kinds of politics. To me it's kind of nice to keep things on the lighter side here.
  14. In my mind yes it should, but I'm not a moderator so it's not really my decision
  15. Same as any other coffee shop I suppose. If you're sitting in a diner, the owner has the right to remove you if you're talking about something inappropriate. Then it's your choice if you want to have coffee there again, or go somewhere else. Laid out pretty plain on here that politics aren't to be discussed, and yet they're still somewhat lenient when it comes to that. Not saying I totally agree with what happens all the time but the rules are set and we either get to live with them, or go somewhere else.
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