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  1. That's how I Think I look when I dance
  2. Wasn't there a member on here a while back looking at how to put multiple decks on a truck? Was that VT?
  3. We're about 20 miuntes away from Riding Mountain National Park, it became a Federal park sometime in the early 30's I believe. Before that there used to be quite a a bit of logging take place in the mountains. In WW2 the government actually had a POW camp in Riding Mountain, where German prisoners would be kept to cut lumber and complete other tasks. At times they were even able to travel down into Dauphin for a day. We also have Duck Mountain a provincial park where some logging still takes place. These pictures are all in Manitoba, with most being taken in and around either RMNP or the Duck Mountains.
  4. Best tractor ever built don't ya know
  5. Your new ride? Looks like the trailer park version of this:
  6. Did you have to pump it up hill 6 miles both ways? (Sorry I couldn't resist)
  7. IH766

    Where`d he go?

    Sorry I should have been more clear, I meant a situation that required self defense with the use of a firearm. In your situations did you respond how you thought you would? Was it a calculated response to what was happening or more of an adrenaline response?
  8. IH766

    Where`d he go?

    Just out of curiousity, out of those that replied to this question, or of those that have read it, how many have been in an actual situation that required self defence? I'm not trying to start anything, just a simple question as often it's easy to imagine what we would do in a given situation, but the reality can be quite different at times.
  9. I had never thought of that, after some quick reading you're correct, correction lines occur every 24 miles to compensate for the narrowing of the lines of longitude
  10. It's split into townships up here with 36 "sections" to a township. A section being 4 quarters totalling 640 acres, or 160 acres/quarter section. Each large square on the map is a numbered section that falls into a township and range. At the bottom right corner you can see a curve which would be one of the offsets Art was speaking of. We've always called them correction lines here but I don't know the full history of why they came to be like that.
  11. Why waste time with flex seal...
  12. Yep its 8 bucks at Princess Auto, I could have understood twenty, even forty bucks fine, but 110 for a simple rocker switch just blew me away
  13. $111 bucks! I asked him if they were on crank, what a joke
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