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  1. What's the knob on the outside lever for? I mounted a switch on the one lever to run the grapple but I'd like to do a cleaner job of it. Did you just weld a tab onto the lever?
  2. Why duals on a bush rig? Would singles not be better for off road? Love the look of the squarebody dually's just wondering why they'd have those on a bush rig
  3. IH766


    Seems like Gretta should be thanking farmers... Thougt it was an interesting article to say the least, first I've heard of it up here https://www.producer.com/2019/11/methane-from-dairy-waste-used-to-power-truck-fleets/
  4. There's about to be some slivers in some unsavory places...
  5. Found the perfect toy for you and your great grand daughter OBG
  6. Watched a lot of Bonanza and Dr. Quinn Medicine woman with Grandpa growing up
  7. IH766

    Case Fuel Shutoff

    I've been on yesterday and Ag talk but not a huge fan of those forums, figured I'd try here. Ya I was afraid of that, ended up pulling it through, thanks
  8. I've got red shag carpet on the floor of my 766, why anyone thought that was a good idea is beyond me.
  9. Can't imagine ever having to go through that, we'll be thinking of them up here
  10. Didn't want to post on the general board cause it's not IH. Anyone know how to remove the fuel shutoff cable from the dash on a Case 1175? I've pulled the steering column and need to remove the cable to pull the dash. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. The way I see it volume has taken the place of efficiency when it comes to profitability in most peoples minds. Just because you're milking 1000 cows doesn't mean you automatically become profitable, people need to go back to focusing on efficiency and once they have that down, then focus on expansion. Just my 2 cents
  12. http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/wheels-tires/1205dp-19-5-inch-vision-tires-and-wheels-one-year-later Diesel Power put 19.5's on a 1 ton silverado a few years ago, maybe a good read if you're considering that as an option
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