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  1. Inglis MB has a really neat collection of Elevators that are always great to see. https://ingliselevators.com/ A buddy I went to college with also enjoys travelling around and taking pictures of older elevators https://pbase.com/tolts/manitoba_grain_elevators
  2. IH766


    @acem I'm sure you could push some nice levees with these badboys. Maybe clean up after the odd winter storm too, might need to throw them into 4wd for that though
  3. I don't think I've actually heard him on a radio station yet, just youtube. He's from Swift Current I believe
  4. He has quite a few originals as well, he's from a small town in Saskatchewan, ranches with his parents when he's not on the road...
  5. Colter Wall would be worth a listen, Tyler Childers has some good music as well
  6. Forrest Gump The Ballad of Buster Scruggs O Brother Where Art Thou The early Fast & Furious movies before they got too ridiculous A few more on the list but none that take the 5th spot for sure
  7. Maybe I missed it on there, but a large triangle bandage to make a sling etc. is always a good piece to have
  8. Looks sharp! What about the seat? Clutch and brake pedals for foot rests? Late 86 series shifter for a handbrake? I may have a problem...
  9. I was sure I've seen it pop up on here before. It's been a good while since I saw it though
  10. Looks like a solid unit, are you going to be relocating the exhaust?
  11. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend and his daughter Mark, is there a Ronald McDonald house or anything like that down there where she might be able to stay?
  12. Were 8-track players a typical option on these? I was messing around with the radio one day and the face flipped in and up, I'm assuming it's 8-track based on the timeframe?
  13. We've got a Hinson cab on our 766 that looks almost identical, even down to the lower back glass and the small port on the right side at the back
  14. Thinking of you guys Rusty, Not sure if he watches much on youtube, but he might like Prairie Farm Report. They've got lots of episodes on farm inventions, model tractors, etc that might help him pass the time.
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