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  1. IH766


    Keep it short but descriptive as backwards as that sounds. This will sound ridicoulous but sometimes some extra detal like underlining your name or a border can help. Or use paper that has a different texture. Sounds odd but it may help you stand out that little bit extra.
  2. Sorry to hear, but glad everyone is going to be ok. On another note, I don't think you should ever apologize for talking about it. That stuff chews you up and no matter how much you think you can handle it, some stuff just sticks with you and eats at you. We had a call a few weeks ago, I won't go into details but a mother lost her only children. Some stuff you never shake, but at least talking helps
  3. Destroy a virtually untouched ecosystem just to get your "green" energy. Meanwhile the rig leases we were on were at best a couple of acres and it was treated quite well before, during, and after we were done drilling. Makes you shake your head for sure
  4. Lots of guys up here like to use grader blade, I'm a big fan of that method
  5. We bought a hay rake at an auction about an hour north of me, took backroads to get it home. Come around the corner and someone had hung a big rock from the corner post with barbed wire to keep the post from leaning. Takes all kinds I suppose
  6. Is that the Back to your Roots stuff?
  7. Can't please everybody, there's always gotta be that guy that complains, doesn't matter if he's getting a deal or not.
  8. We used a wrangler back when I was selling fertilizer, they're a nice little unit would lift 2000 lbs like nothing. We kept up on maintenance and I oiled and greased that thing religously, but they just rust out so quick it's nuts
  9. IH766

    Johnny Cash

    Ragged Old Flag and Legend of John Henry's Hammer were always some of my favourites.
  10. IH766

    Super weeds

    Up here marestail has been showing up more and more. Started around 6 years ago and has been getting worse ever since. As far as I know its a fungus so tilling it in only makes the problem worse. However IIRC getting a good kill with chem was tricky to. Lots of tillage up here which would be my guess as to the spreading of it. As far as the no till vs. conventional, we have sandy land where it might work and maybe should be done, and we've got heavy clay land around that would never dry out, different situation, different solution.
  11. IH766

    I have Help now

    Mom has had Type 2 since I was born. She just recentley got a little button that goes in her arm that tests blood sugar with an app on her phone. Stays in for a week or two before she changes it out. Sure beats poking her finger countless times a day. That and an insulin pump go a long way especially for a kid. Glad your son and grandson have good family to fall back on.
  12. IH766

    Direct Seeding

    Sorry I meant spray it out this fall and seed barley or triticale in the spring. Wouldn't be back into hay for a couple years
  13. IH766

    Direct Seeding

    Anyone on here with experience direct seeding into sprayed out hay ground? Looking at working up some old hayground that hasn't been worked for quite some time. I'd like to seed barley or triticale next year for silage, just not sure if I would be better off to disc it black or spray it out and direct seed it? Plowing isn't common here anymore although it could be done suppose. I'd like to know if anyone has experience direct seeding good or bad. Any advice much appreciated!
  14. Little different but I used to haul anhydrous during the busy season, mostly october/november. Started around 5-5:30am and rantill 1 or 2 in the morning. I work a 9-5 now but I miss it quite often. Seeing the countryside and the sunrise/sunset never got old
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