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  1. Funny enough I'm working as an ag commercial lender. I think you put it perfectly, we see its deteriorating and decline a request, they go somewhere else and get it anyways. Not all do that but it's quite common. Would totally agree with you
  2. Definitley agree with that, I think advisor maybe would have been a better word to use on my part. I see lots of lenders just floating guys and eating away their equity until there is nothing left. And then they cut ties because there is nothing left to take. One part of it is when I have a client, if they're not profitable, I consider it my job to figure out why they're not profitable, and try and help them correct that if I can. Isn't always possible but there's always options.
  3. That's the scary part, I hate seeing banks just finance until it gets too risky and then try to cut ties. A banker should be a partner not an opponent or a superior
  4. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    Is the company that makes them still around? This may be a stupid question but can you load them without them running?
  5. Unless they're taking a mtg on a property or taking equipment, I'm not sure how they would secure it. Risk based pricing is useful but rates would have to be so high that it wouldn't even make sense to the farmer, unless they were totally out of options and JD just doesn't care?
  6. That's gotta be some high risk lending no doubt
  7. They'll finance inputs? Like seed, fert, etc? What kind of interest rate on that I wonder?
  8. Net sales doesn't suprise me, as jass said they cover a lot of different inudstries in a lot of different places, and have a very loyal following. $3.25 billion net profit seems pretty healthy though
  9. Grain bins and anhydrous- Two of the most dangerous parts of farming in my opinion and not many people know how to deal with them in the event of an emergency. Always sad to hear of something like this
  10. Just need to watch the third Back to the Future
  11. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    How do you like the Monomixer? Have you put much hay through it?
  12. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    That's why we went to the processor, our waste cut back so much that thing should pay for itself at the end of next year if hay stays up at 90$ a bale. Quick to feed as well, takes me about half an hour to feed 200 ewes and I don't really have to leave the cab
  13. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    I'm hoping this drought breaks and we have some decent yields this summer. I'd like to try bale grazing next winter to cut back on fuel etc.if we have enough feed When we first started feeding we didn't have forks to move bales so we forked from a round bale onto a trailer then over to the corrals and forked up to the bunks a couple times a day. I was way too happy when I finally found a set of forks for the tractor
  14. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    Whatever gets the job done. We still pail feed all our grain as well
  15. IH766

    Chore Tractors

    We started feeding with our 766 as it was the only tractor we had. Ended up buying an 1175 Case to pull the bale shredder as it was a little much for the 766 once we moved to bunk feeding
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