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  1. Looking for some wisdom, we had the a/c recharged last year on our 4000 swather, lo and behold its down again this year and the mechanic can't make it out to recharge it. He had mentioned some sort of safety valve that had to be opened so the system could be charged. Does anyone have any wisdom or pictures, etc. on where this valve is? Are there any special tools needed for it? Any advice or wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. It may not be the first choice, but one of those Japanese mini trucks might fit the bill. Should come with a/c and heat, looks fairly easy to mount/dismount, and there seems to be a lot more of them cruising around now. And with those tracks it might give the Del Grande a run for it's money.
  3. I second that, I'll be living vicariously through you guys this weekend
  4. Wheel slip? Never heard of her...
  5. I'd have to say cobfly?
  6. We ran ours with the conditioner last year, worked well I think. It was with the 19' header though. Not sure I would want to try with any larger of a swath
  7. @Long Farms might be able to help
  8. I'm fairly certain there's a member on here that had posted in the General forum that owns a lodge in Northern MB or SK
  9. IH766

    Bale Picker

    Has anyone on here used a single row bale picker like the one below? Do they pick up a bale alright or am I better off to look for one with a loading arm? Any info or advice would be appreciated.
  10. Finally got a shot of rain here, 1/2 an inch so far this morning with rain in the forecast most of the weekend.
  11. NH3 is a source of nitrogen for crops, you can also get nitrogen fertilizer in liquid or dry forms which are typically much safer to handle. It needs to be inserted into the ground otherwise it will gas off and evaporate into the air. Usually anywhere from 2-12 ton tanks are towed around and tender trucks fill them up. A person should be wearing a respirator and special suit when handling product, although the bare minimum is a pair of goggles and thick rubber gloves as the product is extremely cold and loves moisture. It's nasty stuff if you get it on your skin or inhale it
  12. IH766

    Broken off key

    I've seen videos where you heat up the end of a glue stick from a hot glue gun and stick it in the hole, let it cool and pull it out. I can't speak to the effectiveness of it myself though
  13. We got talking about that at fire practice last night. If a guy had a couple of lifts of OSB before things went crazy you could have almost retired. Went from $12/sheet to $70/sheet here
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