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  1. https://www.princessauto.com/en/12v-dc-2-position-6-way-selector-valve/product/PA0008051799 I used one of these on the 766 to run the tilt/grapple. It's worked great so far, I plan on adding one to the 1086 for the bale shredder. You could also look at a joystick setup which would free up a remote, and might make loader work easier?
  2. Yep, this will be the first and last year we lamb in Jan/Feb.
  3. Different than down there but this was when it hit -53 celcius here the other morning. Hopefully everyone down there catches a break soon
  4. IH766

    Bale mover

    That's a euro attachment, loader on our 1086 uses this style hookup, works quite nice. I'm not sure how it compares to a SS hookup but it's a pretty quick change between attachments for us
  5. IH766

    Kewanee Disk

    Registering it as security for work. I spoke with the dealer and there was no tag on it.
  6. IH766

    Kewanee Disk

    Does anyone on here happen to know if Kewanee disk's had a serial number, and if so where to find it? It looks like Kewanee got bought out by Bush hog who got bought out by Allied, which is now sold under Farm King here? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. They've got some great info in there. I always enjoy Steve Kenyons articles. Around here most guys that calve in Jan/Feb are purebred producers, that way they've got 1 and 2 year old bulls once the sales start. Other than that most commercial guys seem to be march/April
  8. You try and work fast and hope everything cooperates. We had a fire call Sunday morning and it was around -42. Was more than happy to hop back in the truck at the end of it
  9. We've been getting snow but with the temps we lost quite a bit. There's a decent base now at least but we could definitely use some more
  10. All things considered we've been pretty lucky. We usually seem to end up with a two or three week stretch of this so I certainly can't complain. Looks like we're in for a beautiful weekend
  11. -48 celcius here this morning. Hydraulic lines coulda put Pfizer out of business
  12. Not making any more of it. More often than not it'll appreciate in value, and a lot of investment firms, corps, etc. are noticing that.
  13. @db1486 how much snow are you guys getting out of this? We've gotten about a foot so far and it seems like there's a fair bit to go yet
  14. Surely they had to expect it would mutate at some point?
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