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  1. All we do with these 2 is play in our garden and move a few things around. Question, do you have the original owners manual for yours? If so can you tell me what the print date is on the back of it? I got one from a guy last week but the date is 4-21-67 I'm trying to find out the closest date to '70 or '72 they actually printed. A friend of mine has one that is dated 1973 with the same part number but his has Rev. 6 on it.
  2. Plans right now are to leave it as original as possible. This one is a 1972, we also have a one owner all original 1970 as well. It's no where near as nice as this one is though.
  3. He found the rest of the cultivators and brought them about a week later.
  4. The load day and after getting it home getting everything on it.
  5. He brought the hopper, pull bar and some of the cultivators by the next day.
  6. A friend of mine inherited this 140 from his uncle several years ago. I've ask several times if he wanted to sell it. He always said no. Several weeks ago he came to me and said he realized he wasn't going to use it and ask if I'd like to buy it. I said let's go look at it. It's a 1972 model, all original. I looked at it said I'll take it, he said you want to talk to your wife first? I said no, I'll take it. It had been sitting for a couple years so I got the winch, etc thinking I would have to winch it on the trailer. I carried gas and jumper cables as well. Pulled the truck close enough to jump it after putting gas in it and it wouldn't fire. Found a piece of sand paper and sanded the points and it fired up and I drove it on the trailer. These are the pictures I took the day we looked at it.
  7. We have a Troy-Bilt Horse tiller and had the wood splitter attachment for it. Had an 8hp Briggs engine from a pump so I decided to marry them together for use with the 140. Used a FH prong off a Holland transplanter that wasn't being used.
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