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  1. For us we like 10+ plug it in a couple hours before. Below 10 degrees overnight. Keep in mind we run 15-40 year round in everything. And if its below 15 degrees our auger tractor stay on all day between loads.
  2. It would be a sweet setup for row cultivating a mature bush type vegetable crop . A local guy has a couple hi crops he uses for his tomato and sweet corn fields, he has a couple of 3 point tool bar cultivators that are like normal cultivators but instead of 2 ft of crop clarence the have about 4 ft.
  3. Thats one heck of a good vegetable tractor if I've ever seen one!
  4. I know of a 986 that had a bent cab from a roll over thats been cut down to a open station.
  5. I love the look of the large frame IH tractors with flat top fenders 1026-1566. I wonder if anyones put flat top fenders on a 88 series? I think that would be a cool look.
  6. Anyone ever put flat top fenders on a 88 series? I always thought that would look sweet.
  7. X2 we had just started 1st cutting hay and the ac quit on our 52. We were in a hurry and I won the fight with my uncle and the doors came, they stayed off all summer as I enjoy the fresh air. Doors went on quickly when i had to do a 25 mile road trip in 25 degree weather!
  8. My 190xt allis will start and run on 3 cylinders then do the whole pickup rpm thing till its running on all 6. Kinda a spooky feeling it sounds like its running away for a couple seconds. It will only do it when it gets below 10 degrees. Our 1026 however will start no heat or spray down to about 10 degrees no problem, down to about -10 with a sort burst of spray. The 190xt unplugged at -10 is get the jumper cables and at least 1 whole can of ether + a torpedo heater and a tarp! Been there done that before. Our 4760 better bring a generator and plug it in or the heater and tarp if it gets below 15 degrees out.
  9. The good rock boxes got a spring loaded trip to be able to dump the rocks out. The one on our 2290 dosent dump and is more of a storage box then anything
  10. Back about 30 years ago when my family was still farming on heavy ground we had rock boxes on all our "big tractors" our ford 8000,tw35,1155 and both our david browns had them. Would use them mainly for storage and weights real handy to keep a few big chains,wood blocks,and a hi lift jack in.
  11. Spotted this in the local TSC store parking lot
  12. When we have done it the cart is in charge of positioning and combine looks out for what's ahead. We don't like to unload on the go as its pretty hard on our older rigs. I have seen the pivot mounting for the unload auger collapse on a 1680 from the weight of the corn in the auger being bouncing from moving too fast on frozen ground. A lot less to go wrong by stopping
  13. Watched this 10 sell last month for $4400. Guy bought it in the early eights to use as his big tractor on his 60 acer hobby farm. 57xx hours on a working tach. Was missing the back window glass and had a three point arm was stripped out. His 1440 net to it had 46xx hours. A pretty big hydraulic leak up by the motor sold for $850.
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