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  1. I have sadly been brushed off by 2/3erd of the people I knew 3 years ago because they decided it was there way or the highway. I gave up feeling like the bad guy in their eyes. It's ashame that people have become so arrogant that they would rather take there knowledge or skills rather than help someone in there community in need. All I know is to try my best to help whoever whenever I can do that's how I live my life because everyone gets what they deserve in the end.
  2. Local dealer here sells it bulk if you supply the containers. It was $35 a 5 gal pail vs $90
  3. Judging by the new house and vehicles I don't think he farms for a living on his 20 acers
  4. The problem here is you go off the driveway or pavement and sink 8 inches, flip side 2wd trucks have gotten stuck trying to turn around in our flat driveway just sinking in the sand it's just bottomless quicksand. I have thought about getting some of those giant concrete legos and building a loading dock
  5. My phone went dead otherwise I would have pictures. I'm in central MN just wondering if we're talking M,560,or 706 money here. I was thinking about a 7/806 with 66 style shifters for a loader tractor but can't find one not beat to **** and back for under $5,000
  6. As the skateboard kids would say "nice grind dude"
  7. Hardest part is that unless it can be driven off I have no way to unload other than chain it to a tree and pray
  8. I have been looking for a loader tractor that fits the budget for a while now found a pretty straight oliver 1650 gas cab mising windows, WF,3 point. with a pretty nice westendorf loader on it the guy was using it up until a rear tire blew on it and has scene replaced with a new utility tractor and the oliver has been sitting a year and half now. It runs good hydraulics seem to work loader works moves back and forth and seems to go into all the gears. What's it worth? New rubber installed is $1600 and it's a gas drinker. I'm thinking maybe $1800? Runners without loaders with good rubber go f
  9. Towed the cultivator home 30 mi no problem
  10. I have been eyeing up a a 16 ft haybine as an option for mowing my alfalfa the only problem is that it's about 70 miles away and half of that would be through the suburbs. Would a machine like a NH 116 be manageable to be towed whole by a 3/4 ton? Option two is have it hauled but that would cost about half of said haybine. I have hauled my 18 foot cultivator no problems. I am concerned about the young weight more so then the width. Thanks
  11. You know what I am not going to stupe to your level and argue with you just a shame that some people would rather put energy towards fighting instead of try to problem solve. Take care
  12. yeah but a 12 pice set is not worth $52,500 to me sorry. This item Snap-On 7 Piece 12-Point SAE Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set (3/8–3/4"), Part #SOXRR707 Williams MWS-12RC 12-Piece Metric Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Price $52500 $145.82$145.82 Sold By MAGINC Sales Amazon.com Measurement System inch metric
  13. I decided I had no good way to load the disc up to bring it to the field so I took the 3 bottom instead and made one pass down the field idled back to turn around and then it ran away on me and now for the life of me I can not get the back carb bolt off
  14. To4 garrett with a small clamshell for a 7020 allis
  15. I for the life of me can not get on the back bolt with a 9/16 wrench to save my life is there any other way to get it out without pulling the whole manifold? Do I need a special wrench? Thanks
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