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  1. Our 5288 hasn't been holding a chare lately so I had to jump it today to get it going. Then about a half hour later I was going down the road and it downshifted itself from high 6 to high 5 and the gear stick was still in the high 6 position!!! All ranges I only have odd numbers now and the sentry light stays on. On my war home the dash started flicking on and off then finally went dark. Is it possible that I lost the juice to run the electronic powershift?
  2. Got me thinking it would be pretty easy to rob a store right now considering so many are already wearing masks
  3. 3 sings of the apocalypse. #1 no Doritos #2 no ice cream And finally when all **** breaks loose #3 NO BEER! look out world
  4. The first (tractor) I ever drove was when I was 5 almost 6 years old dad turned be loose on the old wards with a red ford bronco seat with some (red neck engineering) arm rests/ cup holders and we had about a acer of open area now a sweet corn patch that was wide open with the exceptions two puny little foot tall rose bushes needless to say the bushes were no more >:D dad strapped some old sunglasses on me gave me some earmuffs and a cold water bottle and got me going at a snail's pace and off I went. I probably drove over some spots 20 times and missed some other spots completely but oh well it ment dad didn't have to do it and could tell mom it was done.
  5. I challenge you on the sides not rusting threw. Ours has and the slop gate rusted threw completely.
  6. In my area ( east central MN ) and to the right guy that baler would be $1500-2000. Plow being a 710 is a bit less desirable then the 720 and would probably be 700-1000 depending on the shape of the ware parts. The tractor should be donated directly to me for safe keeping some reason 966 are less desirable then a 1066 or 1466 so I would guess a solid $8,000 to $10,000 long as evrything checks out with it. Remember can allways start high but cant go back up.
  7. I think you might want a little more horsepower and for sure some loaded duals to handle that fence roller!!! Lol
  8. My bad forgot that this is on a allis 190xt diesel plus now I have extra 3 point linkages and arms
  9. Last summer I was coming home after disking 22 acers and 5 miles of road travel and I made it about half way up my driveway and the tractor locked up and died. The trans was locked and I took off the top cover of the trans and found out it was stuck in between two gears and I poped it back in gear and kept going and put on 80+ hrs of trouble free use intell I went and towed out the neighbor and drove back and was backing up to the shed and it did it again. This time I noticed the extreme excess play in the mainshaft and decided to take the rear end out to do the trans bearings and wheel seals. I pulled the bull gear/pinion cover and found that my pinion/mainshaft bearing was gone!!! It was supposed to have a big roller bearing holding up the mainshaft/pinion and instead it was only resting on the gear mesh between the pinion gear and ring gear!!! And I was running that way!! Wasn't making noise and never felt like anything was wrong. After finding out new bearings and gears would cost an arm and 3 legs and a firstborn child I ended up finding a rebuilt rearend from a tractor the punched a rod now I am making one from two tractors got it all switched and read to mount. This would probably be the 2ed largest project next to my engine build I did last year.
  10. Just curious were all vibra shank 45's made in Canada? I have a 16ft that was made in Canada
  11. I will have to make sure to get more pictures and some video when I am out next with the plow
  12. Snow on newly planted potato patch
  13. Time for some wheel weights I spun out in the sand.
  14. We planted some oats today, was a bit on the dry side
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