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  1. We have had the Milwaukee 3 years sense father's day and have yet to have a issue. It came as a set with a small and large battery,charger,and 1/2 inch impact gun it helps the batteries are rarely under 50 degrees . My favorite is the adjuster for how many pumps it gives
  2. We are relatively flat with slight rolls only one real "hill" and within the next few years will have 80 acers of hay all within a half mile of home
  3. I am considering replacing my kicker racks with a stack wagon as I am tired of getting 15 bales so bent out of shape that they need to be re-baled to be presentable. Accumulator grapples are out because of lack of loader tractors or skid loaders and cost.
  4. Has anyone have any experience with them?
  5. Somewhat off topic. I don't care for j.i. case tractors however I worked for a guy chisel plowing with a 4890 case with the big 674cube swedish diesel in it and 3 speed powershift man would that thing grunt. One time I was chisel plowing where sewer trucks had been dumping all winter and you could have landed a jumbo jet on that field it was packed hard I was in low range 2ed gear and I would hit the hard spots the front end would come off the ground 2-3 feet and the thing would just keep crawling and lugging away that thing has to have the most torque of any tractor I have driven. Kinda sad the same guy had a cih 9280 and the 'ol case would put that 855 Cummins to shame, the guy ended up selling the 9280 and 12 bottom plow but kept the 45 foot digger 15 foot chisel and 30 foot disc and the 4890 handles them well.
  6. As of now it will be hand stacked however I am going to be looking for a bale wagon as I am getting fed up with trying to make 45-55lb bales of fluffy grass that stay square for horse people. My baler makes a beautiful 60-70 lb brick however the horse people are too picky and seam to care more about bale shape then contents and they don't like the big bales cause they are too heavy for them weaklings and the baler makes a good 50# bale however they get bent out of shape when they hit the rack sides and most stay crooked no matter how much I try.
  7. Thank you everyone for the response. The spot of the stack is on well drained sand I am hoping to only have to do this the one year.
  8. I know anything would be better however I am going to have more hay then my shed can handle and do not have the funds available to add on. What I can afford is free pallets and a few good quality tarps. I am in MN so good covering is a must. Anyone have experience with storing little bales out doors through winter? The bale would be 12-1500 alfalfa,12-1500 meadow grass, and what ever I get from 40 acers of Sudan grass. My only options are small squares as I do not have any way to bale or move round bales, I experimented with good success selling and baling small square straight Sudan grass if it turns out to be more than I can handle I will turn it under before rye this fall.
  9. I can get it to run any rpm using the kill knob but the throttle does nothing
  10. Please don't bash me too hard. I decided to do some straw of my own and got a really good deal on a low hour Deere 6600 with the 404 diesel. It had been sitting for a few years and runs great only problem is the throttle is all hooked up but doesn't do anything to control rpm you have to use the kill knob, I drove it home 25 miles and around the yard that way but I don't want to run it in the field that way. It has a roosa master pump on it. Any thing to check? Thanks in advance
  11. Soil testing and lime are going to be the second thing I do after I work up the ground. I'm in central MN. I am thinking about blending some orchard and brome grass together and planting with some oats and making some oat hay on it while the grasses establish
  12. And plant with? I am only going to have to till to eradicate 20+ years of gopher mounds
  13. The problem is it's pretty thin and needs all the gopher holes eradicated
  14. I just took on a place that hasn't been farmed in 25 years it's got quite a bit of brome in it and some other prairie grasses. I want to lightly disk it to level it out and harrow it flat and plant. It's highland loam sand so shallow roots like ryegrass and timothy burn up after mid June. I have a few customers who want pure grass so clover and alfalfa are out. Anyone have good luck with a 50-50 brome orchard grass on dry ground? Or any other grasses on sandy soil? Thanks
  15. I had one farm I took over the landlord bagged me to plow to get rid of the corn stalks.
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