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  1. On 10/11/2021 at 9:08 PM, searcyfarms said:

    the question I want to ask is, So everyone in the office is vaccinated, I have had covid, I have antibodies, what risk do I pose someone ? 

    If they have the shot WTHeck are the worried about ? 


    Glad to hear your on this side of the dirt

    You came through covid and God will help you with the rest!!

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  2. I have a friend that grows about 20 acers of sweet potatoes he has Jamaicans that work on his 375 acre vegatable farm  they grow the best sweet potatos I have ever had  it's an interesting crop they start with stems planted about eight inches deep and harvest them when the tops are still green and dig them with a carrot harvester the trick is to store them in a warm dark place for two weeks or so and they make the best fry's 

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  3. power beyond is when they take hydraulic PSI beyond the main valve to run an extra function and it would run back to tank when not in use 

    I'm not a case guy but the operators manual should tell you what to do or if you can get me a diagram I can tell you. a dealer should be able to help 

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  4. Just now, m.c.farmerboy said:

    i'm afraid we are going backwards in this country, if battery powered tractors was the way to go they'd already be doing it!!

    and if Calf was setting the standard for the country we would be done already!

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  5. Years back another farmer and I split the cost of a set of AC tools His son took a class on AC in school  we do our own AC work, not a lot to it  I recharge my combine every year or two only takes a little time also handy to keep my road trucks up and cool last few summers have been HOT here so its nice to have the AC working

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  6. Hard to say on value stuff is going nuts now days but that 666 is a good tractor  I have a Hydro 656 and a hydro 70 great tractors of the same vintage 

    IH tractors of that time were still over built!! Good luck on it

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  7. I have two new holland 900 choppers I don't chop corn only grass I really like them choppers guy down the road just bought a new New Holland disc  mower I stopped and looked at it today and They have really cut back on the Iron on the new stuff Guess they don't want it to last as long

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  8. I bought a new 30 foot goose neck in 2014 had PT decking on it, 4 times a year I take a paint roller and coat it with used crank case oil It has about 160.000 miles on it and the deck is still good The oil helps keep the cross members and frame from rusting also just oil it and drive down a DRY dusty road, best under coating ever

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  9. I'm deaf in one ear and can't hear with the other so it don't bother me, could put the muffler above the hood 

    some of the potato growers ran the exhaust down and up the cab corner with a truck muffler 

    I still love the sound!!

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