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  1. Really nice to see how this country was built, they need to teach this in school!!!! not much is thought about the Blood, Sweat and Tears that made America
  2. Amazing photos this would make a really nice book
  3. All brands help to build the America I remember
  4. advertising was much more fun in them day's
  5. none of us should outlive our children, truly sad they have to go through this
  6. My uncles had a big farm out that way I worked there summers till I went in the Army
  7. Lot of folks have them here in Maine, feed them once a day till it gets down in the teens then twice a day, them things will burn about anything for wood
  8. I really like the photo of the M pulling the two JD's behind it!!
  9. used to pick up parts there in the 60's and 70's
  10. nice Pic's, I'm itching to get started turning some ground!
  11. Winmill equipment, Bob is the owner sharpest man around these parts on Dresser stuff, If you want send me a PM and I will get you his info I think they have dealerships in VT. and NH. still He has been very Helpful to me over the years and loves to shear his 60 plus years of knowledge He is real sharp on IH ,Dresser and Komatsu as well as Drester
  12. 10-20 years ago we had 5-8 young men walk in the shop every spring looking for a job many stayed on and went on to start their own business, last kid to walk in here was about 8 years back and wanted 20 bucks an hour to start, he could not even read a tape didn't know the difference 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch, sad to think he had just graduated from high school
  13. I deal with many large sawmills and lumber retailers and there all saying the same thing, Don't expect prices to come down . our largest truss manufacture has told me because of changes in building codes they expect prices to go up even more in the next few months the trusses for our new house went from $6600. to over $11,000 in 5 months time so I am going to rafter it instead witch will save me almost $4200 and that will pay for the metal roof I had bought all the framing insulation doors and windows 5 years back and glad I did I had bought the trusses at that time but used them on a machine shed
  14. I don't think the price will collapse, I don't think there will be any money left to pay for it
  15. we have a sawmill and plenty of spruce and white pine fuel will be the only increase for us, guess we are lucky
  16. I hope you guys get all you can get and then some because when it crashes it's going to hit HARD
  17. looking at the ad for the 4366 it talks about the 466 witch like the 237 Mack engine was one of the best engines ever made
  18. Sadley I'm old enough to remember when that stuff was in the dealerships, cabs are nicer today but back then we were happy just to be out of the wind
  19. what pitch is the chain? you can get a bored sprocket and an insert to fit the shaft and weld them together tractor supply up here has a good supply of that stuff A lot of farm supply's have that stuff also I may have what you need here if you can give me some details
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