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  1. what is your attachment to an 806? I have one and like it but an 856 or 766 is a nicer handling tractor
  2. depending on the make most machines have the valve for two way flow mounted near the boom foot it may not have the pilot side tied in but that is easy to connect and the switch can be changed on the joy stick
  3. when I was in we would see a lost track 3 or 4 times a year when you loose a track you loose all control it's not fun at road speed saw an M-60 that lost one and went through a farmers barn Killed the farmer and his daughter Sad. I have seen a few like that but nothing the driver can do but cut the power and hang on Think about being on a mountain road and you through a track Patten lost a few like that in Italy
  4. HaHa I was just referring to whats going on in Australia, I served with some Ozzys in the army I have grate respect for both Islands and you have a beautiful county much like Maine. If things where not so crazy I'd be down to have a belt with good old boys
  5. Guess someone else spotted it also, I thought they might be charging you to park in you own door yard with the new world order in ozzy land one never knows
  6. did I see a parking meter in one of the early photos of the m?
  7. what ever you do don't get in there with an air hose , just drain the oil and clean out what you can with a putty knife then flush with fuel oil a parts cleaning brush will work well
  8. had that problem on an I-6 NAVY TUG pulled the top cover and cleaned the sludge out and washed out with fuel oil It's a job and half But best to get that crap out
  9. Glad to see it has a ROPS on it I lost a good friend in one one like that a tree came off the bank an crushed him when the tin cab gave out
  10. As always Tony very nice!! When I go west this fall If I have time would like to come see your Stuff
  11. very very cool Nice Job!! we had one in the 60's my uncle set it up to spray the orchards that thing was a ball to drive!!
  12. imagen the day that showed up on the farm new!! I remember them days
  13. you will be hard pressed to find an 806 for $1000. the salvage yards will pay that with a bad engine if you do find one I do have a good engine for an 806 that we can donate if you need
  14. I'm on the east coast Maine, Going to Iowa some time this fall If you find something out this way I can Haul it for free if it will help you out
  15. m.c.farmerboy

    My SA

    pump a tube of grease into the tranny and top off with 85-140 that will keep to noise down
  16. m.c.farmerboy

    My SA

    Check with Bitty on that first!!
  17. There are many types of hardfacing Check with a rep on line or at a welding supply I have used 309 stainless on augers with very good luck I also use 304 stainless to line the hoods on whole tree chippers about 3 times the life of factory liners
  18. I get my o-rings from McMaster Carr I use Viton O-Rings But the IH ones are fine
  19. Sure looks nice Tony Would like to see a story in red power about your adventure Very nice work!
  20. looks like the steering motor to me
  21. Sloans express always had a good selection of teeth, nice people to deal with also. Check there website
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