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  1. 500 is a big Bear even here in Maine, before they stopped us from trapping them here in Maine I got 425 with an old bear trapper
  2. after looking a little closer I was wrong on the tool box it is a fordson
  3. pretty sure that tool box is off a McCormick Dearing horse drawn mower I have had some of them over the years Used to fine the in the hedgerows and save the tool box and oil can if they were still god
  4. the rear wheels are what we call war time wheels, most H'S around here sold during WW 2 had those wheels on the rear and after the war there where converted to rubber One of the shops here that made potato equipment did a lot of them Farmall H was the most popular tractor in this area during the war our local state prison grew potato's for all the prisons in Maine and they had two H'S with them wheels
  5. I remember cultivating tomatoes on a IH140 with a side dresser Two bags of firtilizer on the hood one on seat, the down and back all day long At night when You close your eyes you could see tomato plants going under you till you fell asleep mesmerizing for sure
  6. 5.9 's are scarce as hens teeth around here most of them went into ford pick up's when the 6.0's went south. Nice work Finney
  7. 5.9 's are scarce as hens teeth around here most of them went into ford pick up's when the 6.0's went south
  8. I like mine the wind never stops up here and I take the doors off end of june and back on middle of sept.
  9. very sorry to hear about your mother none of us would be here with out our mothers
  10. you boy's from out west, keep your snakes at home
  11. I may make the trip ,would love meet the people from the site
  12. What year Pete and what engine?
  13. Crome won't get ya home, but it sure looks good on the hook
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