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  1. They are a pair for sure. I can't buy off them but they like to trade and that works for me
  2. they thought it was stupid when IH made the 2 x 2
  3. IT'S TIME for a Revolution !!!! The inmates have been running the asilam for to long
  4. A guy that used to work for us got hit by a train, DM Mack Hit so hard left his boots in the cab he went out the passenger windshield and lived
  5. I had a fly by cable plane with a cox engine in 1967 got it for Christmas
  6. The last four new tractors on the farm 1206, 1066, Magnum and Maxam all have less than 4700 hours on them
  7. The two brothers have held on to almost every tractor and piece of equipment the family has had going back to horse days
  8. Next morning I headed over to my neighbors to look for parts, They don't want there name let out because there trying to avoid American Pickers !
  9. It has been a mild winter up here only 2-3 feet of snow in the fields 4-5 feet in the woods got to the farm had to do a little plowing to get in the bunk house.
  10. Almost done with my 1066, striped the cab down to be blasted and painted. A friend offered to blast and paint it at his truck shop in trade for some fab work I had done for his new shop. His shop is two hours north so I loaded the flat bed and headed. From his place to my farm is only 2.5 hours farther north and my neighbor up there is a retired potato farmer that restores old Farmalls and this would be a good chance to look for some parts I will be needing for other rebuilds this winter.
  11. next time they hit that post there face is going to hit the windshield!
  12. some people ain't suppose to make it to court !
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