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  1. Really nice to see how this country was built, they need to teach this in school!!!! not much is thought about the Blood, Sweat and Tears that made America
  2. Amazing photos this would make a really nice book
  3. All brands help to build the America I remember
  4. advertising was much more fun in them day's
  5. none of us should outlive our children, truly sad they have to go through this
  6. My uncles had a big farm out that way I worked there summers till I went in the Army
  7. Lot of folks have them here in Maine, feed them once a day till it gets down in the teens then twice a day, them things will burn about anything for wood
  8. I really like the photo of the M pulling the two JD's behind it!!
  9. used to pick up parts there in the 60's and 70's
  10. nice Pic's, I'm itching to get started turning some ground!
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