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  1. so I cracked the cover on the hydraulic tank after 20 min. run time, the pressure about took the cap out of my hand. I pulled the tank vent installed a "t" with the vent and a gauge at about high idle it read about 22 psi, but if I drop the blade fast it reach about 68 psi. and slowly drop to about 15 psi. When I shut the engine down and dropped the blade the tank would hold about 55 psi. for about 45 min. I suspect the vent is bad and may be pushing oil by the pump seal, could be the pump seal was bad to begin with
  2. 1.89 gas, off road diesel 1.77 on road 2.22 I'm sure we will pay hard later
  3. 18 miles to town of 370, one hour to Wal-Mart 24 miles to Canada. going to try to ride this one out with the ball and chain Ill have plenty of time to work on tractors
  4. the pump was rebuilt by our dealer, we have used them for 25 plus years with no problems but anything is possible I had a CAT D8K years back , this will out push it hands down
  5. the man I bought it from wanted $25,000 for it , but when this oil issue came up he talked to the dealer and they said the repair could run as high as $15,000 depending on what they find. so he offered it to me for $10,000. Kevin I see you have a MS180, I had one of them new in 1984 those were nice machines
  6. I'll be running it this weekend, I will give that a try, the vent is next to the fill cap I'm going to tee a gauge into it and let you know what I see. Thanks for the help Boys
  7. just put a new water pump on my 806 and thought I would send the radiator out to be cleaned and tested the shop said the core was junk and it would be $1040. to replace the core. we put about 300 hrs. a year on this tractor and plan on keeping it in the fleet. any input on aftermarket radiators?
  8. I'm running engine oil in the hydraulic system, when I drain off a gallon from the engine the hydraulic tank is about a gallon low. is it possible the hydraulic tank is building to much psi. and forcing the oil by the seals on the steering pump?
  9. we have had it in Maine for about 10 years, the people that got it early on have had some problems but it seems to affect everyone differently vitamin c helps a lot of people that got it but I spend a lot of time out doors and have found that a lot of garlic in your diet keeps the ticks off and keeps the ball and chain at bay also
  10. I have a buddy that has one , I've run them a lot there is a few in our part of the country good machine for keeping the driveway tuned up
  11. if you are going to do the job your self I would get hold of an IH service manual and start reading , A set of splitting stands would be a big help. I found a set 10 years ago and they sure make the job go slick . best of luck to you, you picked the right color tractor
  12. nice paint job, looks better than factory 99% of a paint job is in the prep work, you did a fine job
  13. Thanks to everyone for there input this is a late model 25C with 75% undercarage and the engine starts at 0 with no starting fluid. the hydraulic pump has been replaced so the steering pump is suspect. I put a tee in the oil pressure line so I can drain the extra oil down to the correct level on start up and run engine oil in the hyd. system, it only seems to make the oil come up when it sets over night not when is running.
  14. Just picked up this 25C for $10,000 hyd. oil getting into the engine oil. I've put about 65 Hrs. on it and it brings the engine up about every 10 hours a gallon
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