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  1. Tight against a tie rod or something. How do you adjust the toe in on these axles?
  2. I am unaware of any vent line but I do have what I refer to as a "balancing line" between the bottom two sides of the tank on my 584.
  3. What did you mean by you "sprayed it with WD40 through the inspection cover?
  4. Had them on our fire engines for small needs. Just be sure to blast a little air out the line, to be sure it is clean before running into a tool, via a blow nozzle before using anything you value.
  5. Do you know if the strainer connection is above the running oil level?
  6. All looked to be in order but of course I have no idea of the spring pressure etc. Since the problem did not seem to progress slowly, I would not suspect the spring pressure unless the spring was broken which it was not. Still cannot determine if the "O" ring(s) have failed but will look inside. Thanks for taking the time to reply and offer help. Gregg
  7. Would this be beyond removing the internal snap ring, screen and spring? Maybe I did not look deep enough into it.
  8. Thanks Guys. I had the relief as well as the Priority valve out and they both looked good. The "O" rings on the relief I could not see and if I pulled them out I had may as well put new in. Maybe I will get out my little "rectal scope" and see what I can see.
  9. My 584 lacks power when lifting the loader or three point. Power steering works well and fluid and filter are clean. Any thoughts as to what might be going on?
  10. Joining in here with a 584 question that may relate to this. My steering works well all the time but I have lost hydraulic functions to loader and three point. Three point arms will lift under 0 load but no lift under pressure. I have had the relief valve out as well as the priority valve and they look fine. U can only look into the cushion valve. I changed fluid and filter and all looked good. The tractor has 600 hours on it. Thanks, Gregg
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