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  1. I have a client (guess you can call it that..lol) that needs me to help them as many hours as possible for the next few days...I won't have much time for tinkering with this until I done. This filter will be one of the first things I tackle after the quick connects...I am most likely going to have to order those since there is no local tractor shop in town any longer. Wanted to ask about sizes..brands..quality etc. before making an order. Any tips there? Hoping hydraulic lines are pretty standard and if line looks like half inch it will be..or looks like 3/4 it will be..I am looking back at plumbing jobs and how many times I got wrong thread count or metric vs. standard and had leaks..lol Or should I just use a different connection since I never will need quick connects? they looked rather spendy as well from the brief search I did yesterday
  2. While at parents last night I was trying to search online for this mesh..it appears there are many sizes to choose from and 100 seems to be fairly uncommon but is available. Before ordering something can you let me know if 100 is the best size or would say 120 be better? I know I don't want to stop too much flow and since this will be a big job for me I want to do it right...Also when you say solder it on...is that with a regular soldering iron like I would have used (once) for an electronic circuit board? This will be a first for me. I am heading out too work and will try to see if I can post those videos yet when I get back this evening...internet is sooo frustrating out here. It's like..Uh oh..there's a cloud fifty miles away..there goes internet for a few hours.or.Uh oh..you have watched 6 hours of videos..shame on you..now no internet for two weeks..lol Thank you for the patience and help.
  3. Quick morning vent...lol When Hughesnet satellite internet says you will be throttled down on internet speed once you use 20 Gigs in a month...what they mean is you will NOT have internet until your month resets...err. Guess I have to do all my research video watching somewhere else from now on
  4. My phones going nuts...sorry have to run for real this time...sigh.
  5. That is on my to do list for sure...but after I saw the bad reviews on the ones available to buy and how they need welders etc. I passed on the idea of those...I do know the fluid is very clean and I am super careful for now. Any pointers on how I should attach a filter mesh to my wire cage? I was thinking of wrapping the filter material around it then bailing wires or O rings to keep it in place..but I am sure you will have a better solution..lol
  6. There is no noise at hold...I literally heard your reply as walking out the door...man I am always late these days..lol You say replace them?...does that mean buying a full new hose with the same fittings on each end?.Do I need to change both sides?.one side on each hose right? Never touched anything like this and we have ONE hydraulic place in town who is rather spendy and booked solid
  7. Have to run pick a friends son up who wants to play farm boy today...yay!..first time I will have hired help. I do have an update before I go...(still working on videos form last night) Just tried tractor since the symptoms changed late last night...it is different. Now this is what happens: Loader and controls are working better than they have...it raises and lowers like I would think it should..it stops when I tell it too and stays put...I like it much better..lol Hiccup in rear still happens when using box scraper (it is super heavy by the way). The loud noise appears ONLY when loader is being raised. I just used this and did more in the fifteen minutes than I have all week..I didn't sense the heat problem and loud noises never came on (other than up on loader as mentioned). Power steering is now as crappy as when I got it...as in hardly works. Sorry for having to run...I have to take help when I can get it though. Thank you and hopefully this "might" help narrow things down...or with my luck...just added more possible issues...lol
  8. Do you "think" there should be enough load with an empty loader to cause that at idle?...I was hoping that symptom may be help in determining if there is a blockage in the line I guess. It only happens at lowest throttle..bump it a bit and it goes away...again I am new to this.
  9. I just woke up three hours late for some reason..now that I read your reply I know why I didn't get up and just want to go back to bed...lol I did know it wasn't anything to do with hydraulics (barely..lol) and it is on my list to tackle But I wanted to point it out since the oil light only comes on usually under the following circumstances. When I try to work this with lower RPMS the engine light will flicker off and on at times. When it is hot out and I have ran it for a couple hours kind of hard the oil light starts to flicker on and off. And now I noticed when at IDLE and using the empty Loader it flickers...so could that mean there is more load / strain on the pump and engine is working way harder? Wow I just typed all that before making coffee...ugh.be back in a bit...caffeinated..lol Thank you
  10. Sorry guys..I had a long reply written out but once again it didn't post..not sure why but second time in last couple days...could be my old laptop or I am just air headed lately..lol Anyway been out tinkering with it for past couple hours..made a couple more videos until phone ran out of room. First thank you to all..Jim I will look at that video as I have been watching several lately...I am going to post links to some good ones myself once this project is figured out..Sno I will be a NEwbie for several more years to come...but thanks for the optimism..lol. Now for the update and new symptom(s): I wanted to check all fittings and clean everything off real good before pulling any lines..so that's where I started. I found two allen bolts on pump, the rear one was a pain to get wrench on but finally did and it took a quarter turn..front allen bolt took maybe 1/8 turn. I filled reservoir up to about an inch below top after snugging those two bolts...I started making videos and here is what I found this time. These tests were done at idle..and cold start (different than last video I made😞 Isolator valve shut, loader valve open: Loader makes noise when going up...NO NOISE when going down. Oil light will flicker at times when loader going up at idle, but goes out when throttle is added. When throttle is added loader noise gets louder going up but still no noise going down...loader goes down faster the less throttle it has. NEW THING... I have a video of this and will have it uploaded by tomorrow but it now has a good constant every few second HICCUP or jerk when shutting off the loader valve, opening Isolator valve and using the rear lift. I also can find that "neutral" or "hold" spot with both loader and rear lift..but they both do sag slowly it appears (may still need to find a sweet spot as the sag is slow). No hiccups happen when rear lift is slowly sagging (in neutral position)...as soon as I raise it a hair it hiccups again. I have questions but will leave them for later as this is already longer than I like to post...sorry. My videos will probably take all night too upload and I will post before work tomorrow...good night
  11. Just a little more research and came across this video..oddly enough it showed him using an infrared thermometer to diagnose...that was a bonus. But what I was after is whether or not my "diverter" box (where pump main line hooks too) would have a valve like the one in his video or not? His problem was caused by very small rocks blocking the port on the valve so fluid would back up and get hot...sounds very similar to what mine is doing. I linked to video at point of valve..if anyone is troubleshooting their own you may wish to watch it all.
  12. Health caused me to postpone for an hour...so I just did a stethoscope test. The line before the handle valve / loader shutoff valve is very much louder than anywhere else...I put the scope on each side of the valve and I would say three times as loud if not more. Not sure if that is relevant or not...just wanted to update before I head out. Without asking..wife said the noise sounded like it was coming from that side of tractor..which is where I was thinking as well. This wouldn't explain the noise still happening when the valve is closed though..and the heating up when only using rear blade...just thought of that..oh well.
  13. I will be getting to the flow test this afternoon...have a job in town I got called too unfortunately. Question: Can I safely run the pump dry for a few seconds? I am thinking I can just continue to fill bucket since I need to drain all lines anyway for next step which is visual inspection and blowing lines out with air. Also..this morning while reading more about hydraulic systems I saw this: Noncontact infrared thermometers are useful for nonobtrusive measurement of operating temperatures of equipment. An abnormal temperature increase at a relief valve could indicate that the valve is in a bypassing condition. This bypass condition will generate heat locally in the component; in many cases, the anomaly would have gone undetected by monitoring the system reservoir temperature because of system coolers or dissipation of heat throughout the system. (full article on hydraulic system leaks https://www.machinerylubrication.com/Read/205/hydraulic-leakage) I happen to have an infrared laser thermometer..am wondering now if that could be useful for my troubleshooting at some point or if my relief valve(s) location will make it useless. I also have a cheap mechanic type stethoscope somewhere around here...wonder if I could here a difference in flow if I followed along the lines. First step will still be pulling lines and filling the bucket though. Thank you.
  14. All good man...appreciate the help as always and glad I have more action items to try and tackle now. Been another very rough day at the farm for me though...started to pull off hoses earlier to inspect etc. but then one thing after another happened followed by buckets of rain so I called it a day early for once. I am soaking wet..grumpy as can be and starving so gonna call it a night as well and watch some Netflix or at least watch some video buffering...lol...I will get on this soon as possible tomorrow to check out the power steering...thanks a bunch for sticking with me here...I can only be stubborn on this and get to the bottom of it some how...but only with help from the likes of you and others Greatly appreciate you all.
  15. Snoshoe...ok so did the test, it was kind of hard to tell since steering is never consistent, changes based on pretty much any change in RPMS, or loader / rear link height...so did it multiple short times and it does indeed feel like steering gets better when pump is deadheading just enough to notice is all. I had a heck of a time trying to deadhead it while sitting still...kept killing motor but once I figured out to drive around I was able to do it easier.
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