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  1. Yes the ripper was a big selling point and has already come in handy. I am in WA. I would be happy to pay you for a copy of the manual, rather than come company that is trying to profit off scanning a book.
  2. Thanks guys. A couple of pics attached. I need to weld on some new grouser bars very soon.
  3. Nice, I just bought a TD15BP that looks to be around the same age. Mine has a plate on the LHS with the serial number. Right next to a plate showing where the grease/oil service points are.
  4. Amazing pics. Serious work to develop that country.
  5. Hi Everyone, Just bought a TD15BP. From the serial number it is an early (1963) model. Goes OK but needs some TLC and maybe an engine rebuild in the near future... Where is the best place to get manuals? In the meantime, does anyone have a photo of the exact location of the grease nipple for the track tensioner? Is there an easy way to measure if it is already fully extended?
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